15 Plumber Advertising Ideas for 2019: Plumbing SEO Podcast

1) Facebook Pixel Tracking

Americans spend more time on Facebook than they do eating. It is estimated that most U.S. residents check Facebook 15 times per day on average. Facebook pixel tracking allows your website to advertise to users who’ve already visited your site as they browse Facebook. Cookies are stored in their browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.) when they visit, and then are pulled when they log onto Facebook. Pixel tracking typically improves conversion rates from around 3% to around 15%. Best of all, pixel tracking is relatively inexpensive but highly effective.

2) Google Remarketing Ads

Like Facebook, Google allows for advertisers to track and then follow visitors of their website. Remarketing ads from Google are the same fundamental concept as Facebook pixel tracking and are even less expensive. Why? Because Google doesn’t actually charge a fee until the remarketed ad gets clicked on. Remarketed ads appear on all kinds of platforms in Google’s display network. It could be anything from Accuweather to a tutorial blog post. Let’s say that a potential customer thinks they can fix the plumbing job themself, but then finds your ad on the how-to manual. They might reconsider.

3) Google Ads

Once known as Google AdWords, the now named Google Ads is still one of the most effective ways to advertise your plumbing business online. Because it can be expensive and requires a level of expertise to properly maximize, there are some who have grown frustrated with it as a platform. Still, if ads are properly targeted and campaigns are managed by experts who have an understanding of demographics, targeting, and ROI, plumbers can really clean up with Google Ads. Depending on what city you are looking to target for plumbing jobs, Google Ads may be less expensive than you think. In any case, make sure you hire an AdWords certified manager.

4) YouTube Ads

Like Google Ads, YouTube ads can target specific demographics. As the number one platform in the world for streaming video, YouTube is unsurprisingly a highly frequented domain. Investing in plumbing ads on YouTube can ensure that video watchers in your target area see your company promotions on relevant videos. While the ROI is typically less significant than that gained through Facebook and Google, it is still enough to pursue the venture with open eyes. What can enhance your ability to advertise on YouTube is by creating a video channel for your brand and even posting video content.

5) Search Engine Optimization

SEO remains the most efficient way to advertise a plumbing business online. Some would disagree with this sentiment and for good reason. These plumbers have been screwed over by shady SEO firms who overpromise and underdeliver. This unfortunate combination has given the SEO industry a negative connotation amongst many in the service industries. The facts are unbothered however. SEO is affordable and sustainable which are the two most important components of any advertising campaign in 2019. Make sure you invest in a trustworthy SEO company and one that specializes in your niche, which for you is plumbing.

6) Website Design

Design is important for conversion and personalization. Plumbers advertising campaigns don’t end until a visitor is actually converted. Design goes a long way towards making that happen. From clean codebase and pertinent calls to action, design elements can close the deal on behalf of plumbing companies. Web design also ties in with SEO so it can actually help generate more leads which makes it even more potent from an advertising standpoint. Aesthetics are a big part of trust building, so make sure you website is visually appealing.

7) Codebase

Part of strong design is clean codebase. Template websites use obtrusive elements that bog down site speed and hinder SEO potential. The good news is that custom websites often have clean code that has the opposite effect in speeding up your website and improving SEO. Not every designer will be trustworthy however, so doing your due diligence is highly recommended if you are serious about ranking for top plumbing keywords in 2019 and beyond. Part of codebase is schema markup, which is a microdata tag language that helps Google parcel data.

8) Content Quality

Promoting plumbing services is not really possible without quality content. This can come on a multitude of different platforms and in various mediums. For example, videos are content but so are blog posts and so are service pages. Google lists their quality guidelines and calls for unique, valuable, and engaging content to separate your website from others. Prospective clients are not looking for a novel about pipe repair, but they would like to know the specifics about why your services are worth something to them and how they display true convenience.

9) Google My Business Optimization

Your GMB profile is your most important citation and essentially serves as your Google homepage. It is as close to as valuable as your primary website as any other branded web entity. For this reason, the GMB listing should be completely optimized. This includes original images, Google posts, and Q & A sections with informative answers. Don’t forget about hours of operation. When customers leave reviews, be sure to respond to these reviews and do so in a professional manner. Potential clients will want to see that you take complaint seriously.

10) Local Mapping

Google Maps are a major part of lead generation in 2019. Organic results now have local map packs which show the top 3 local rankings in a defined radius, which changes based on the location of the user. Map listings that are associated with a well optimized website and also have a number of favorable reviews are more likely to rank on the map pack. This local 3 pack appears above traditional organic results, making it even more visible to the typical mobile user. Best of all, you know that any local user

11) Citations

Plumbers can list their business on several directories throughout the internet. These listings are known as NAP citations. The most important information is your company’s name, address, and phone number. Google scans this info in the aggregate, meaning consistency and uniformity are important. Sure, you can also get calls off of these listings, but their real impact for promotion is that they collectively drive up your brand recognition and improve search rank. Yelp, HomeAdvisor, and Angie’s List are three of the most important for plumbing companies.

12) Blogging

Blog posts keep fresh content circulating on your plumbing website but can also serve as advertising assets if they target the proper keyword terms. Posts are considered shareable content and can go viral as well as rank on Google search. Some posts can even rank years later and end up driving traffic to your business because of a recent event in the area. For example, a post about frozen pipes might suddenly ascend during an ice storm. The more quality content through blogs, the better chance of leveraging them for advertising.

13) Site Updates

A website shouldn’t remain stagnant for years. Since Google is always evolving, as is the needs of consumers, websites should continue to evolve along side of them. Site updates can make sure that this process is ongoing and can also prevent any connectivity errors with the server. Redesigns are also a part of sustaining online ranking. What was considered modern 5 years ago is now looked at as obsolete. Plumbers must always be looking for the next best way to market. Updating pictures and client requested changes are other things to consider in 2019.

14) Podcasting

Plumbers can advertise through podcast episodes. You might think of podcasting as something for celebrities, but that is not the case. Many “regular” people start podcasts and generate a major following. The reality is that consumers want to be able to relate to the podcast host. People interested in plumbing will be interested in episodes about specific plumbing services. These podcasts can also improve your web presence, social media signals, and overall SEO. Scope inspections make for a good topic to discuss, either through podcast or video.

15) Content Evolution

SEO content has changed again. Plumbing companies now have to write longer form pages. Google favors content length when all else is equal. Sure, you still need quality, readability, and uniqueness, but what Google really wants is detail. Part of great content is LSI keywords which can be found on LSIGraph.com. Just type in your primary keyword and see terms that are topically related. You can then use some of the best looking LSI terms to supplement your writing and make it more diverse.

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