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5 PPC Tips for Plumbers

5 PPC Tips for Plumbers Blog Post Cover

Now that 2022 is approaching, plumbing companies will want to ensure optimal PPC campaign management for the new year. Every aspect of your pay-per-click campaign is essential, but visible elements, in particular, can make or break the success of the entire operation. Plumbers also want to pay attention to spending efficacy. You can limit spending by understanding and targeting your audience.

When you set out to design an advertisement for your plumbing company, you require, at the very least, an enticing headline, a clear message, and one that fits within character restrictions. From that point, additional features can be included, like ad extensions, for example. But how should plumbers go about producing the most optimal pay-per-click advertisement? Check out these six tips below:

1) Define Your Audience

The #1 pillar of every advertisement is customer appeal. The only way to truly accomplish that is by defining your customer as narrowly as possible. The more you understand your customer’s wants, needs, and preferences, the more effectively you can appeal to them. Some ways to do that include:

  • Consumer Psychology: Put yourself in the shoes of your customers; what are their needs?
  • Customer Feedback: Consult with actual customer feedback from surveys and other sources
  • Market Research: Use Google Analytics and other free tools to measure audience behavior
  • Search Query Data: Use Google Search Console to collect data from relevant search queries

2) Make Your Ad Customer-Centric

When writing the text for your paid advertisement, you’ll want to make the text about the customer rather than your own company. Quite frankly, consumers care only about what you can do for them, not what you’ve accomplished as an institution. Consider the examples below:

  • Optimal Text: The Bathroom Remodel of Your Dreams!
  • Non-Optimal Text: We Remodel Bathrooms in (City, State)

3) Display Calls to Action

With any form of advertisement, you are fighting an invisible clock for the customer’s attention. You must encourage immediate action before the consumer loses interest. As the internet has become more prominent and faster, the attention spans of users have grown shorter. Calls to action can be:

  • Downloads: Discounts, coupons, or other downloadable content
  • Email Opt In’s: The option for a consumer to receive regular emails from your company
  • Phone Numbers: Links that utilize click to call functionality on mobile devices
  • Subscriptions: The option to subscribe to a newsletter or other form of communication
Plumber Google PPC Results

4) Keywords Aren’t Dead

Regardless of what you’ve heard about keywords, they are still helpful when properly implemented. Lots of keyword tools are available to research keywords and CPC’s like MOZ Keyword Explorer and SEMRush. You can also use Google’s Keyword Planner to research relevant keywords in the plumbing industry. Metrics to look for include:

  • Ad Impression Share: The number of times an Ad will be seen for a given keyword
  • Average Monthly Searches: A self-explanatory metric also known as search volume
  • Competition: Google’s projection of Ad competition
  • Suggested Bid: Google’s best suggestion for a bid on a defined keyword

5) Diversify Your Ads

The main component of PPC success is trial and error. Google Ads recommends the creation of 3 to 4 Ads in each group. Grouping allows ads to be tested in real-time and therefore display the highest performing one more consistently. An example of a diverse Ad group would be:

  • Bathroom Remodels
  • Bathroom Renovation
  • Shower Remodels
  • Shower Remodeling

Bonus Tip: Utilize Ad Targeting

Google Ads (Formerly AdWords) allows ads to target users based on demographics like age, location, interests, etc. Knowing your audience helps define the types of people you can pay to advertise to. Instead of wasting money on individuals who have zero interest in your services, you can choose to target potential customers with a higher probability of conversion. Target users based on:

  • Age 
  • Gender
  • Location
  • Parental Status

Bonus Tip: Expand Beyond Text Ads

Google has other PPC ad options besides traditional text ads on search results. They also have a display network that allows you to appear on affiliated websites throughout the web. Another option is YouTube video ads. Let’s say a homeowner is watching videos about a clogged drain, and your ad for clogged drain repair appears. That could be highly relevant. Besides search network ads, Google offers:

  • Display Ads: Promotion on affiliate websites and platforms across the web
  • YouTube Ads: Promotion on relevant YouTube videos
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