Make a Plan: A Guide for Launching a New Plumbing Service

You’ve put your seasoned plumbers through rigorous training. You’ve prepared the necessary certifications and supply chains. Now there’s just the matter of spreading the word about your brand new plumbing service! How can you harness the power of your company website, social media presence, and search engine marketing tactics to create exposure (and interest) in your new offering?

Today, we’ll cover in three stages how to prepare your new plumbing service for the world. Equip yourself and your online content manager with this information, and you’ll have the building blocks for a sophisticated growth plan. Let’s dive right in!

Stage #1: Start With the Basics

Your website is the foundation for any online marketing program. Whatever creative strategies or lucrative sale a company may employ simply falls flat if it doesn’t link back to the main website. Considering more and more consumer interaction begins and ends online, failing to incorporate your website means planning for failure.

How do we prepare our company website to support a new plumbing service offering? You will mostly likely want to create a search engine optimized page for the promoted product or service. If you truly want the launch to take off (no pun intended), take some time to research hot keywords from the industry. Of course, years of plumbing SEO have taught us that paid service keywords can get expensive quickly, especially if you’re optimizing for communities out of your current reach!

If you want to cut down on wasted energy and costs, make sure to localize your keywords. Transforming “plumber near me” – which is currently rated at an average $24.73 cost per click – to “plumber in Dallas, TX” (or your town) can help you lower your Adwords campaign budget and excess call volume. Even organic search results fare better when you localize!

Design Updates – Playing it Safe

Start by talking with your site design team. Whether you retain a specialized employee or have a third party design team make adjustments for you, it pays to have the new structure laid out ahead of time. Making changes manually to a live site can cause any number of problems. After all, you don’t want an error message greeting customers when they link back to your site!

An Error Made During New Service Launch

Not the Best Way to Launch a New Service, is it? Avoid Live Site Editing When Possible.

Once you have the new structure laid out for your website pages, you may need to update your homepage content to reflect the new plumbing service. As the first interaction point consumers have with your business, your homepage should naturally lead into any products and/or services you wish to promote (more heavily). It might feel scary updating your homepage, but changing up the face of your online presence every once in a while is actually a healthy habit for your website SEO.

It’s worth noting that some businesses like to go the extra mile and craft temporary landing pages to promote their launches. A landing page is a customized message, promotion, and call to action that greats your customer when they land on your site via a particular path. These special pages partner well with sophisticated email promotions and Adwords campaigns! If a potential customer lands on the page after following a link embedded in an email or paid ad, these pages offer higher chances for quick conversions (calls for service). If you want some fresh ideas on how to style a functional, eye-catching landing page, check out this list of examples from companies that have mastered the art!

Stage #2: Work Outward via Social Media

Stepping up your promotion through your Facebook business profile doesn’t take a lot of effort on your company’s part. In fact, you can easily create a virtual coupon to promote the offering on your company page, without paying extra money to Facebook. Assuming it’s possible and you haven’t done so already, consider including pricing information. While some consumers may turn away, you’ll create much more informed potential customers when people start to call.

A New Service Listed on a Plumbing Page

Simultaneously Educate Potential Customers and Encourage Interaction With Your Company Facebook Profile.

In the example shown above, this plumbing and HVAC professional cleverly includes estimated project times for their services. One of the most crucial aspects of customer satisfaction is managing expectations. This page does a fantastic job of informing customers and simultaneously encouraging them to seek additional information.

Finally, expand your business and promote your new plumbing service through Facebook’s paid advertising platform. Considering the media giant’s enormous user base has an average age range that fits the majority of homeowners, it would be crazy not to consider promoting your launch on this social venue. It’s also a very cost-effective platform for promotions!

Stage #3: Adwords and PPC Campaigns

How could we miss out on this lucrative venue for advertising a new plumbing service? Despite the shrinking amount of real-estate available on Google’s search results, paid adverts still take up an incredible volume of space! Adwords campaigns often consume over half the available space above the fold, the line that marks the point where consumers must scroll down to see more.

An Adwords Campaign for New Plumbing Service

Sophisticated Design Allows Businesses to Advertise and Highly Specific Plumbing Services.

As we mentioned earlier, localizing your keywords makes running these highly effective advertising campaigns very affordable. Create a specific promotion for your new plumbing service and/or link back to a specialized landing page to harvest the best results! If you don’t have the time or experience required to run your own campaigns, you can easily find local services to craft them for you.

Just remember: no matter what sort of advertising and promotions your company runs to promote your new plumbing service, all these efforts should feed back into your website. Not only does this ensure long-term growth for your site (and your business), it also makes it much, much easier to monitor your marketing successes. Make a solid foundation for your marketing, and you’ll reap the benefits for years!

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