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The 8 Best Plumbing Podcasts of 2024 (with Descriptions)

Plumbing Podcasts (Blog Cover)

Plumbing podcasts have emerged as one of the most accessible mediums for plumbing industry-related content. Plumbers can use various platforms like Spotify, Apple, and YouTube to consume free podcast episodes while working and performing other business-related tasks.

While plumbers were once required to attend industry conferences or join exclusive groups to access new perspectives and insights, the podcast space has broadened the entry point for industry professionals looking to expand their plumbing expertise.

Below, Plumbing Webmasters lists the eight best Plumbing podcasts of 2024:

Best Plumbing Podcasts of 2024

  1. 1) The Plumbing SEO Podcast
  2. 2) Potty Talk
  3. 3) The Plumbing Sales Coach
  4. 4) The Authority Podcast
  5. 5) Waste No Day
  6. 6) The Plumbing Standards Podcast
  7. 7) Personal Plumbing Repair Service Podcast
  8. 8) In The House

1) The Plumbing SEO Podcast

Hosted by Plumbing Webmasters Owner Nolen Walker and Creative Director Jason Landry, The Plumbing SEO Podcast provides invaluable insights into the world of SEO for plumbers

Furthermore, the episodes expand to the broader niche of digital marketing and go as far as providing business insights and mindset recommendations.

2) Potty Talk – The Podcast for Plumbing Business Entrepreneurs

Hosted by Richard Behey, AKA “The Million Dollar Plumbers,” Potty Talk Live offers advice for plumbing business owners, including lifestyle insights for times away from the office. 

As a 30-year veteran of the plumbing industry, Behey’s perspectives are rooted in first-hand experience, making his insights particularly appealing to plumbers.

3) The Plumbing Sales Coach – The FRESH Approach

Hosted by Chris Fresh, AKA “The Plumbing Sales Coach,” this podcast dives into strategies for improving customer service and experience. 

The host’s philosophy is built around “service over sales,” which ultimately leads to more sales and more service. Fresh also covers technical topics within the plumbing industry, making it an excellent resource for plumbers.

4) The Authority Podcast: Plumbing and Mechanical

Hosted by Christopher Lohr of the International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials, AKA “IAPMO,” The Authority Podcast: Plumbing and Mechanical presents high-level information about public safety and sustainability in the context of plumbing. 

The highly informative episodes cover topics ranging from product reviews to industry regulations.

5) Waste No Day: A Plumbing, HVAC, and Electrical Motivational Podcast

Hosted by Brian Burton and Nate Minnich, Waste No Day provides a needed boost for plumbers seeking extra motivation. The episode topics range from guest interviews with industry professionals to specific issues like risk management, customer services, and employee recruiting. 

Both hosts also serve in leadership positions for Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Lancaster, PA.

6) The Plumbing Standards Podcast

Hosted by Dalton Lessen, The Plumbing Standards Podcast introduces a new standard for plumbers, countering the stereotypical portrayal of tradespeople in popular culture. 

Episodes dive into various topics, from procedural implementation to customer service and technician presentation.

7) Personal Plumbing Repair Service Podcast

Hosted by Bob Muller, the Personal Plumbing Repair Service Podcast explores plumbing services, business tips, industry trends, and more.

Most importantly, Bob Muller, the president of Personal Plumbing Inc. in Oceanside, CA, gives potential customers a first-hand look at his experience, expertise, and credibility. 

This podcast is geared more toward the plumbing consumer but provides business owners with a blueprint for using podcasts as a marketing tool.

8) In The House

Hosted by Mike Wilson of Any Hour Services, In The House covers plumbing, electrical, and HVAC topics with expert guests in the residential service industry.

The podcast offers practical advice on services like drain cleaning, garbage disposal repair, and tankless water heaters.

Like Personal Plumbing, Any Hour Services leverages the podcast medium to bring awareness to its service company and widen its marketing funnel in the digital landscape.


Leveraging Plumbing Podcasts for Your Business

Listening to these plumbing podcasts may inspire you to start your own podcast, which you can leverage to expand your plumbing company’s brand awareness. 

Much like SEO and other forms of digital marketing, syndicating your podcast creates branded digital signaling for your plumbing company. As a result, podcasts can help grow your online presence and create synergy with your other marketing ventures.