What is a PPC Campaign for Plumbers?

A PPC campaign for plumbers is a collection of paid ads that work together to promote a specific plumbing company or product. PPC ad campaigns most commonly refer to Google Ads, formerly known as Google AdWords. However, a PPC campaign may also refer to ad collections appearing on other paid advertising platforms besides Google.

Why Plumbers Should Consider PPC Campaigns in 2021

Plumbers looking for more ways to appear online should consider PPC management for plumbing contractors. PPC stands for pay per click and refers to the results that show up on Google with the word “Ad” next to them. They are found on the top of the page and the side of the page. These results appear because someone paid to advertise on Google search. As the name implies, the advertiser pays for every click they receive.

PPC Campaign Tips for Plumbing Contractors in 2021

At Plumbing Webmasters, prospects and clients ask us whether PPC campaigns are worthwhile for their companies. Our answer depends on their current situation, budget, and marketing goals. For example, a well-established plumbing company with a tenured website can generate enough leads using SEO for plumbers without needing PPC ads. 

In contrast, a brand new plumbing website may require six whole months before generating leads. In cases such as these, PPC campaigns are a great way to supplement web traffic and produce plumbing leads quickly. That’s not to suggest that established plumbers don’t also invest in Google Ads and other paid advertisements. However, the calculation depends on a variety of factors and needs for each business.

1) Optimize PPC Landing Pages

If you run a PPC campaign for your plumbing service, maximizing conversions with a strong landing page is vital. Getting prospects to click on your ad is only one step in the process. The sale comes when they reach the destination page after their click, find what they seek, or move on to the next ad. 

2) Stick to a PPC Campaign Budget

Budgeting your PPC campaign must happen before you run your advertisements. A see-how-it-goes mentality with PPC can get plumbing companies in hot water. Before you know it, you’ve spent far more than you’ve received in ROI. Consider consulting with an advertising agency before running your campaigns.

3) Diversify Your Traffic Sources

Even while running PPC campaigns, it is essential to get traffic from other sources. Continue investing in SEO so that you can rank organically in addition to advertisements. Plumbers should also stay active on social media platforms and invest in NAP citations through Whitespark or other directory services. 

4) Understand Keyword Intent

Automated campaign suggestions may mislead plumbers into paying for worthless clicks. For example, buying ads for keywords like burst pipe repair cost may seem logical but returns a meager conversion rate. Why? Because the keyword intent is for people not quite ready to buy services. Contrast that term with burst pipe repair near me, and you’ll notice a significant difference in conversions. 

5) Study Competitor Campaigns

One great way to construct a productive PPC campaign is to monitor competitor’s advertising strategies. Plumbing companies can use tools like SpyFu to see which ads competitors pay for on Google and other platforms. Sometimes, a competitor may even try to buy ads for your brand name in hopes of stealing traffic from your word-of-mouth referrals and existing clients.

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