Angie's List for Plumbers

The hunt for expertise, authority, and trustworthiness, Google’s relished E-A-T factors, continues to permeate their search engine results. No matter how complex the latest core algorithm update may seem, websites that honor these key factors continue to outperform others in terms of rankings, click volume, and lead conversion. Perhaps the greatest of the three factors is trust, essential to long-term company growth online and in the real world.

While website elements like quality content and clean design both work to establish trust, there’s only so much a company can do by themselves. Word of mouth still plays an integral role in finding plumbing contractors, though that looks remarkably different now that most consumers shop for their essential services. The new word of mouth comes in the form of customer reviews and citations, like those provided through Angie’s List. 

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Angie’s List Citations Also Help Your Business Rank Higher in Google SERPs! Source: Angie’s List

Why are Citations Essential to Plumber SEO?

Citations include NAP (name, address, and phone number) listings. As Google works to index a company website, it examines NAP listings across a variety of sources to maximize accuracy. After all, the search engine only wants to list businesses that it can confidently direct users to. If Google detects inconsistencies in NAP listings – these might include a brand name change, address abbreviations, or a swapped phone number – the search engine will deem the service less trustworthy and rank it accordingly.

Even if you have the information completely accurate in your Google My Business listing, you may still suffer from inconsistencies in other listings. So be careful!

Why Should Plumbers Consider Angie’s List?

According to studies, the vast majority (84% percent) of people “trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation” ( That trust only grows for citation platforms that specialize in a particular field, such as home services. Angie’s List focuses their work on service company citations. Besides that ever-so-essential NAP listing for your company, featured companies also enjoy a sense of dependability that draw many consumers to the service.

That dependability also makes Google deem listed sites more trustworthy.

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Getting Listed by Citation Companies Aids Visibility and Reputation Management. Source: Angie’s List

Key Facts About Listings

Listing Info

What Sort of Information Does a Listing Include?

Listings come with the company name, a description of the service, an optional coupon section, a service member rating, reviews, earned certifications, and other great details. Think of it as a slightly more personal version of a listing on a Google SERP (search engine results page). You can also put up special deals on your Angie’s List page.

There are some key considerations to address before making your listing. First, members that pay for Angie’s List Certification will automatically rank higher than those who don’t. While this won’t affect member ratings, this can make it more difficult for your business to be seen if you haven’t paid for the service. Should you choose not to subscribe for the certified member program, your listing will not display all the information we mentioned unless someone clicks on it. For paying members, this can be an added bonus. For those who don’t subscribe, it can take away from the Angie’s List appeal.


Can I Advertise on Angie’s List?

For fans of PPC campaigns, the service also provides opportunities to promote your business through paid ads. These bypass much of the competing companies on Angie’s List, plus they feature better consumer targeting capabilities. That enhanced visibility obviously comes at the price of the ad, but you’ll also have access to a pool of more deeply interested (potential) clients.

Other Angie’s List Services

Angie’s List continues to develop an extensive number of tools to help businesses connect with customers. One of the most crucial services they offer is customized app development, specifically for soliciting reviewsWith simple text or email prompts, you can ask a recent customer to follow a link and leave a review. That’s an incredibly useful capability for improving your professional plumber SEO!

An Angie's List App for Asking for Reviews

Request a Review Means Your Clients Can Do More to Promote Your Business. Source: Angie’s List.

Remember, Google sees reviews as a key indicator of trustworthiness. Even if you choose to go with another citation service (such as the Better Business Bureau), continue to direct your customers towards your citation services to provide reviews. If you don’t know how to do that effectively, try out our guide on reviews and reputation management!

Need Help Setting Up Your Citation Listings?

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