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In 2011, Google, Bing, and Yahoo collaborated to release a consensus microdata code structure known as The top search engines joined forces to give website developers the necessary parameters to best market their content to users. It was mutually beneficial for both search engines and web developers, as user experience was enhanced and developers had a better idea of how to optimize their code structure.

Local companies can take advantage of plumber to best market their website content. At Plumbing Webmasters, all our sites are developed with data in order to best present plumbing companies to their market. By following Google’s standard for data structure, crawlers can better comprehend the content of your website, and market it more efficiently.

Do Plumbing Contractors Need

Schema HTML helps Google better understand your plumbing company website is not a requirement, but it is strongly recommended by Google. Since Google is the primary source for plumber marketing leads, it makes total sense to follow their guidelines and help them market your content to users. Some of the ways in which enhances content are:

  • Adaptation: Schema markup can be changed, added to, and subtracted from, all in a way that is easy for Google to interpret
  • Categories: allows plumbing company websites to breakdown services into individual categories
  • Relevance: Because gives Google a better understanding of what your content actually means, it can market it more effectively and create more relevant traffic for your plumbing contractor website

These are important aspects of data optimization for plumbing contractors because it increasing marketing efficiency and better lead generation. You don’t want to attract uninterested visitors because they have no potential for conversion. Additionally, they create empty traffic numbers that don’t help your plumbing company grow in any way. Generator for Plumbing Contractors CodeImplementing onto your plumbing company website can be confusing without a background in web development. Luckily, Google has released a Structured Data Markup Helper to generate the code for your website. In addition, they offer the Structured Data Testing Tool so that companies can monitor the effectiveness of their structured data markup.

At Plumbing Webmasters, we understand that internet marketing can be a confusing and time-consuming task. Plumbers are out servicing homes and really don’t have the required time available to invest in effective online marketing campaigns. We solve this problem by assisting you with every aspect of your online presence. For plumber markup services, call us at (877) 388-9884