A Handy Guide to Google Search (the Essentials)

If you don’t learn anything else from this short talk, remember this: Google matters. It’s more than a platform for local businesses trying to get noticed. It goes beyond industry experts trying to make a name for themselves. Google matters because people (your future customers) look to it to find essential services when they need them most. If plumbing contractors and repair services can understand that symbiotic relationship between Google and user…

The sky’s the limit.

The Main Search Bar, One of the Google Essentials

Just Like the Search Bar Themes, Google Search is Always Changing. Source: Google

Below, we’ve outlined what you need to know as you start your journey into search engine marketing. Equipped with these Google essentials, you’ll be well on your way towards ranking higher and earning more quality lead calls! Let’s get started. 

Why Google?

As a search engine, Google represents the uncontested industry leader. 92.46% of the online search industry’s market share falls to Google, while Bing and Yahoo take up a distant second and third (respectively). Practically everyone utilizes Google for research, shopping, and emergencies. As traditional advertising methods offer increasingly shrinking returns on investment, it’s clear that businesses must adapt to online search in order to thrive in the long-run.

Commercial websites are more than just a source of supplementary information for plumbing contractors. They now bring in a large portion of many companies’ income. That’s why plumbers and other service professionals invest so heavily in website SEO (search engine optimization).

Understanding the Cycle of Search

There’s a simple, but unimaginably crucial pattern when it comes to understanding the Google search process. When a user hops on their phone, types in “plumbing contractors near me”, and sends it out into the world, they’re actually continuing that cycle. Here’s how it works:

  1. Stage #1: Content developers create pages, videos, etc. and share it.
  2. Stage #2: Google crawls (scouts) each website and indexes all the materials it finds.
  3. Stage #3: Search users submit a query (ex: “plumbing contractors near me”), and Google presents a list of pages it believes has relevant information.

This is a very simplified version of the search cycle, but it provides a foundation for all future plumbing SEO and PPC endeavors. The Plumbing Webmasters operates in the first step, designing websites and crafting content in a way that makes it easy for Google to crawl, index, and rank it. Tireless research goes into optimizing for the number one search engine.

Graphs Show Why Analytics is One of the Google Essentials

Analytics is One of the Google Essentials, Revealing Crucial User Behavior, Like Weekend Traffic Dips.

Thriving With Google

So how can plumbing contractors make the most of search engine marketing (SEM) to promote their services? First, your business develops a custom-website that’s optimized for Google’s search engine. This step features the majority of keyword research, site structure design, and content development. The goal is to make your website as visible to Google as possible, while also crafting a pleasant user experience for future customers.

In the second phase, businesses take advantage of the free listing tools provided by the search giant. We’ll talk about these more in a little while as we explore more Google essentials. Just know they play a crucial role in the search engine’s ability to showcase your services.

The final stage revolves around your company’s ability to adapt. Keeping up with Google’s algorithm updates and shifting consumer search patterns is a serious challenge. With quality content management and ongoing optimization however, your business will continue to enjoy great rankings and long-term growth.

Essential Tools for the Journey

While known predominantly for its amazing search engine, Google provides a wealth of services for businesses to take advantage of. Some of these cater towards further site optimization and content development, while others open up new opportunities for exposure beyond traditional organic search. Google offers almost all of these features for free

So which of these should your investigate further? There’s…

  • Google My Business: A free listing service that enhances your listing information in local search. Syncs with Google Maps to provide visuals for readers.
  • Google Maps: Mapping services that offer geographic data (via satellite) to searchers.
  • Google Analytics: An invaluable tool for measuring performance and examining site visitor behavior.
  • Google Search Console: A service created to aid site managers as they monitor traffic, site visibility, and error resolution.
  • Google Adwords: Paid ad campaign development with a high degree of customization and control.
  • Google Search: The backbone of Google, and perhaps the rest of online civilization.
Locals Pack Listings Showing Rich Listing Data

Getting Listed in Local Packs Means Great Traffic Boosts for Your Website!

Even Adwords sometimes offers free credits so that you can try out paid search. As you start developing and launching your website, it’s especially important that you complete your Google My Business listing. This allows your business to show up in local packs, an enhanced SERP listing that offers impressive clickthrough rates.

As you examine these Google essentials for your business, remember this: if the company that dominates the search industry offers a free tool, it’s definitely important for your rankings!

Teaming Up With an Expert

That’s our short guide on the Google essentials! If you have additional questions about getting your business started with a new website design, optimizing your site for search, or the ins and outs of paid ads, our team at the Plumbing Webmasters would be thrilled to help. We support countless plumbing contractors across the country with a variety of online marketing solutions. Our clients enjoy fantastic local search rankings, higher click rates, and better lead generation. We’d love to serve your business too!

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