Internal Blog for Plumbing Websites

blog written in scrabble lettersOne of the many ways we boost your site’s SEO is through updating an internal blog. We provide an internal blog for plumbing sites as a way to increase your authority and trust with Google. Blogs are also a wonderful way to provide valuable information for your clients. Our blogging for plumbers is quality, custom work and is included in our monthly SEO package.

Why Does Blogging for Plumbers Matter?

You may wonder why blogging for your plumbing site really matters all that much. Internal blogs are an excellent component of proper content management. The following are all benefits of having an internal blog that is maintained on a regular basis:

  • Tended to Site: Google wants to see that your site is constantly being tended to and updated. Proper content management should include added content on an ongoing basis. An internal blog post is treated by Google as a content addition to your site. This increases your rankings with Google as they see your site is tended to.
  • Authority: Blogging also is a way of showing your industry authority. By writing unique posts about relevant topics, your site is looked at as a plumbing authority.
  • Engaging Your Clients: By adding informative blog posts you can engage your clients on a regular basis. This keeps them coming back to your site which means you will be the first plumbing company¬†on their¬†mind when their sink backs up.
  • Informal Format: Blogs are also a great way implement less formal information. Unlike your website pages which remain fairly formal, a blog is written in an informal style. This often will bridge a gap between you and your clients and make them see your company as more human.

Blog Management

wordpress blogSetting up an internal blog for your site is only the beginning of our work. Our team of professional writers will continue to manage your blog and implement new content on a monthly basis. This is all a part of our top notch SEO services.

If you are looking for blogging for plumbers, talk to us at Plumbing Webmasters. We look forward to helping your site climb the ranks with the help of a quality internal blog.