SEO and Content Marketing

How SEO & Content Marketing work together

a box of content related itemsIf you are the owner of a plumbing company and you are trying to decipher the best way to ensure your business is found online, you will likely come across terms and ideas that are foreign to you.

Unfortunately too, you often hear these terms from high pressure salesmen who never fully explain what they mean. Two terms that are frequently thrown around are SEO and Content Marketing. So if you have ever been left wondering, what is the difference between these phrases, do they work together and what do I truly need for my website, then read on to find out what these terms mean for your business.

What is the difference between SEO and Content Marketing?

pen and blank notebookSimply put, SEO is a much broader term whereas content marketing is far more specific. SEO can refer to a large variety of work that is done for your web presence. It literally stands for search engine optimization and has become some what of a catch all phrase for the large number of components that work together to boost your rankings on Google.

Content marketing is far more specific and refers to the work that is done for your web presence in the vein of content. This can be the words that fill your website’s pages, the addition of blogs, posts to your social media outlets, the optimization of keywords and more. Content is more than just what meets the eye, so content marketing does include a variety of behind the scenes factors too such as headings, meta descriptions, alt tags, etc.!

Do these two things work together?

People are often left confused about the relationship between SEO and content marketing because some companies only tout themselves as one or the other. The reality is that content marketing and SEO work together and overlap in many ways. You will not be able to optimize your website without content marketing, but content marketing has little to no meaning without all the proper components of SEO paired with it.

What do I need for my plumbing website?

two puzzle pieces connectingThe reality is you need a company that pairs together both proper content marketing and SEO together. Content is driven by the demands of SEO. For example, search engine optimization requires that your website has rich, in-depth content. Content marketing meets those demands by creating the very content needed to optimize. Another example, SEO requires keyword optimization. Content marketing when done right will utilize keyword optimization throughout your website.

If you are interested in pairing up SEO and content marketing services, give us a call at Plumbing Webmasters. Or to learn more about what we do, feel free to contact us! We can walk you through the basics of SEO and help you create the perfect internet marketing plan for your business.