Blogging for Plumbers

Blogging for Plumbers

Blogs Should Promote Brand Development

Content marketing is important for all businesses, from the local startup to the national powerhouse. With that said, content marketing is even more critical to the success of local plumbing companies. Particularly companies on a limited budget. Why? Because content marketing is the most cost-effective way to generate plumbing leads online. Aside from your website, the main source of content creation is blogging. There are a variety of ways in which blog posts can contribute to SEO and internet marketing. An effective plumbing blog aims to accomplish these things:

  • Brand Development: A blog should promote your company and expand your online presence
  • Consistent Activity: Blogging indicates regular activity to search engines and their users
  • Demographic Targeting: Posts can target specific audiences in a more informal manner than website pages
  • Search Optimization: Blog posts can be optimized with keywords for SEO purposes

Posting blogs is a simple task that can make a tangible difference in online marketing. But as a plumbing company, you might not have the time or resources necessary to make regular posts. This problem eliminates one of the main components of successful blogging, which is consistency. Luckily, Plumbing Webmasters has the solution for you. Our team of on-staff content writers crafts monthly blogs for your website. Each post is made up of original content, and never scraped from third party sources. Each of our clients websites is designed with WordPress, allowing posts to be published on your primary domain, and thus enhance search engine optimization. To further discuss your online presence in 2018, call Plumbing Webmasters today at 877.388.9884.

Elements of a Successful Blog Post

Content Writers Blogging

Interactive Posts Engage Plumbing Customers

The action of publishing a post is important, but will not be enough in itself to accomplish anything worthwhile for your plumbing company. For a post to work towards SEO, lead generation, and brand development, it must possess certain qualities. The team of content writers at Plumbing Webmasters knows exactly how to optimize a post in order to accomplish your goals. Chances are that all of your main competitors are working towards the same or similar goals, so doing the bare minimum will be a lateral business move. Digital marketing is as competitive as it has ever been in 2018, and that trend doesn’t plan on changing anytime soon. To really separate yourself, blog posts must be:

  • Engaging To Readers: Keep the short attention spans of readers
  • Interactive For Users: Incorporate interactive elements such as click to call functionality
  • Optimized With Keywords: Target industry and local keywords based on research
  • Styled and Formatted: Appear pleasing from an aesthetics and visual standpoint

WordPress makes the presence of blog posts all the more impactful with internal blogging. Internal blog posts are published within your main website domain, and therefore serve as extra SEO for your primary online source. Internal posts are great materials through which to target lower volume keywords that appeal to a niche community of users. It also presents an opportunity to be more informal than you would be in a regular web page, and add personality to your brand. There is no shortage of ideas for post topics. They can be anything from modern trends in the plumbing industry, to employee profiles. Plumbing Webmasters can help you get started today.

How Often Should Plumbers Blog?

Editor Reviews Plumber Blog PostPlumbing contractors often ask us how often posts should be published on their website? With our content marketing services, posts are published on a monthly basis. This keeps fresh content circulating on your website, encouraging Google to crawl and index your new posts. Not only does this increase search visibility on Google results pages, but it provides another outlet for customers to find your services. Our SEO team performs comprehensive keyword research to identify opportunities to rank for relevant phrases and terms in the plumbing industry.

Blogging is a great avenue to establish authority in your field. To do so, your brand must have an identity, and execute that identity through published posts. This can be done through voice, style, formatting, and visual engagement. Many posts in modern marketing focus on infographics or video content to engage a consumer base with shorter attention spans than previous generations. As for voice, you can choose to be very serious, or more informal. Our team consults with you to discuss options for voice, style, and other components of brand identity. To further discuss blogging for plumbers, call 877.388.9884.