How to Optimize Photos for Plumbers

Photo Optimization Services for Plumbing Websites

Our Optimization Methods Are Tried and True For SEO

One important component of content marketing is photo optimization. Plumbers often mistake content to mean only text, when in fact, photos are every bit as much content as a written paragraph. Plumbing Webmasters offers both month to month (MTM) and pay per lead (PPL) plans, each of which include content marketing and image optimization. Photos play a role in where your website ranks on search results, in part because effective usage of them drives website performance metrics. Additionally, optimized images facilitate proper interpretation of on-page content from web crawlers, who can then index your pages appropriately. Advantages to image optimization include:

  • Branding: Company photos on your website helps brand your plumbing service
  • SEO: Optimized photos enhance search visibility
  • User Engagement: Visual elements keep readers engaged
  • User Retention: Engaged users are less likely to exit your website

Our basic MTM and PPL plans include content marketing, and subsequently; photo optimization. Our objective is to increase your site’s search ranking for relative keywords as well as to keep visitors engaged, driving up performance metrics. Plumbing Webmasters’ design team is dynamically skilled, possessing the ability to compress images to a web-friendly format. We implement photos from your company archives, or if you don’t have any, stock images found online. We also optimize your logo for web use, and can design a brand new one for startup plumbing companies. CallĀ (877) 388-9884 for photo optimization services.

The Importance of Optimizing Photos

SEO Team Inputs Image Alt Text

Optimized Photos Help Google Crawl and Index Pages

Visual appeal is a consideration when optimizing images for web use, but their greatest contribution is to search engine optimization. SEO and content marketing work together to increase search visibility on Google and generate relevant traffic to your website. There are several ways in which image optimization can influence search rankings. Their ability to keep users engaged for longer periods is not coincidental, as search engines consider bounce rates and time on page when determining rankings. Photos can influence SEO in the following ways:

  • Crawling: Image alt text allows crawlerbots to interpret information
  • Image Results: Well optimized photos show up in Google image results
  • Keywords: Image file names, and alt text, provide another keyword opportunity
  • Site Speed: Images optimized for web use allow your website to load more quickly than it would with non-optimized photos

Whether you choose the MTM or PPL plan, your images will be optimized for web use, and work towards the ultimate goal of lead generation. With PPL, you’ll submit payment only after those leads are officially produced, while MTM will require a fixed payment at the conclusion of each calendar month. MTM payments cost less than PPL, but do require regularly scheduled fees, rather than results-dependent payments. Plumbing Webmasters values transparency and customer service, empowering each client to choose the payment plan that best suits their company’s needs and preferences.

Photo Optimization Services for Plumbing Websites

Editor Reviews Plumber Image Optimization

Compressed Photos Boost Page Speed

Most optimization techniques come down to minor details. Since most websites ignore time consuming yet necessary tasks, performing them creates the incremental advantage required to jump competitors on search rankings. In the world of SEO, the difference between mediocrity and excellence lies in commitment and devotion. Plumbing Webmasters’ prides ourselves on tackling these small tasks with the intensity of the most prominent business endeavor. Before photos are published on your website, our team performs the following actions:

  • Adds Captions
  • Compresses Files
  • Inputs Alt Text
  • Renames Files

These tasks might seem trivial to a novice marketer, but they are often the difference between mediocrity and excellence. Details are often overlooked due to sheer laziness, but this absence of focus provides great opportunity to companies willing to put in the extra work. While in isolation, these actions may not “move the needle,” the accumulation of all of them, add up to create a tangible impact. The experts at Plumbing Webmasters are eager to help you get started with internet marketing today. We offer both MTM and PPL plans. CallĀ (877) 388-9884 for photo optimization services.