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Content Expands Beyond a Plumber’s Primary Website

For plumbing companies, website design is only one of several components to a successful online marketing strategy. To rank prominently for local and industry keywords, websites must exhibit high quality content and earn inbound links from authority domains. With that said, a primary site is not the only destination for web content. Social media, review platforms, and NAP listing directories are other channels through which original content is published. With so many outlets, having someone to manage your content is imperative for sustained online success. Plumbing Webmasters’ offers content management services as part of our basic month to month (MTM) and pay per lead (PPL) plans, which includes:

  • Blogging: Monthly blog posts for your website
  • Directory Listings: Optimized business listings on internet directories
  • Web Content: On page content for your website
  • Social Media: Social posts on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram

Most prospective plumbing customers perform service inquiries through mobile search. As a result, the highest ranking websites generate the most relevant traffic. To secure top rankings for high volume keywords, content must be properly managed, and display optimally on mobile devices. While on-page text is important, other content variations play a role as well, including; infographics, photos, and videos. For a company that can handle every aspect of your content, Plumbing Webmasters is a perfect solution. Our basic MTM and PPL services include content management. CallĀ (877) 388-9884 to sign up today.

How is My Plumbing Company Content Managed?

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Plumbing Webmasters Offers Multiple Payment Plans

It depends on your payment plan. For basic MTM or PPL plans, content is managed on your primary website, your business listings, and your blog posts. If you decide to invest in add on services, we’ll also manage content on your Facebook page, PPC AdWords campaigns, Righteous Reviews widget, and virtual office space. Our management goal is to illustrate your company’s efficiency and credibility to target consumers. We consider several factors when managing online content:

  • Google Guidelines: We adhere to Google’s Quality Guidelines
  • Link Building: We embed internal and external links within on page content
  • User Intent: We make content that meets the user’s intention when they search for services
  • WordPress: Each of our websites are designed with WordPress Content Management System

Our management services also include duplicate content check, which cross-checks web pages for identical material. The software can match content to any page on the internet, affording you complete confidence that your pages are unique. As a general principal, uniqueness stands out to Google web crawlers as a positive characteristic. To ensure that original content is published on each new page, we employ a team of content marketers to craft material for individual pages. Plumbing Webmasters’ prides itself on consistency and results.

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Plumbers interested in organizing their online presence can really benefit from Plumbing Webmasters. Choosing either the MTM or PPL plan, contractors receive basic content management services. You can expand your brand development even further by paying extra for add on services like PPC Management, and Righteous Reviews (a website reviews integration widget). Unlike competing marketing firms, our services continue after the launch of your website, so that you can sustain search visibility over time. We perform the following tasks after launch:

  • Content Updates: Did you add garbage disposal repair to your services? We update content based on your individual needs.
  • Image Replacement: Do you want a recent image on your website? We will get it up on your website, shortly after you send it
  • Keyword Density: As trends become more prevalent, we’ll re-optimize your page, if necessary, to account for new keyword research

Google is always evolving, so choose your content manager wisely. An effective manager will regularly monitor content and make adjustments on-the-fly. Plumbing Webmasters’ values customer relationships and gains genuine satisfaction in seeing our clients succeed. This sentiment is illustrated by our diverse payment plans, including pay per lead (PPL) which requires payment only after an exclusive lead is generated for your company. We consider our services to be a partnership between company and customer. CallĀ (877) 388-9884 for plumber content management services.