What Is Inbound Marketing?

Group Implementing Plumber Inbound Marketing Strategy Inbound marketing is a promotion concept that generates customer acquisition through organic means such as, content development, social networking, and search engine optimization (SEO). Inbound marketing is most frequently introduced through social media, blog posts, and search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. The effectiveness of inbound marketing relies primarily on the quality of the content being presented, rather than a manipulation of the potential customer. Some of the benefits to a well designed plumber inbound marketing plan include:

  • Cost Efficient: Inbound marketing does not cost money to implement, as its principles can all be integrated through unpaid methodologies
  • Proven: Inbound marketing is a proven strategy for acquiring customers and sustaining a business through digital channels
  • Sustainable: Unlike outbound marketing techniques that rely on narrow market trends, and opportunistic investments, inbound marketing can be consistently implemented over time and help local companies thrive in the marketplace

Plumbing companies looking for a long-term marketing strategy, should absolutely invest in inbound marketing. A well crafted inbound marketing strategy can help plumbing contractors attract new customers for a minimal cost. Furthermore, an organic marketing strategy generates relevant interest with high conversion potential. In other words, with plumber inbound marketing, contractors will connect with potential customers, rather than empty leads.

Inbound Marketing Strategy for Plumbing Contractors

Plumbing Webmasters Content MeetingEstablishing inbound marketing as an appropriate promotion strategy is the first step. Next, plumbers must develop an inbound marketing strategy that can best present their services to potential customers. Remember, inbound marketing is an organic methodology, so paid advertising does not fit within its context. Here are the fundamentals of an elite-level plumbing inbound marketing strategy:

  • Engage: Develop content worth reading, and present it through user-friendly platforms, ones that are easily accessed (social media, blog, website, etc.)
  • Transform: Every piece of marketing content should have a call to action (phone number link, subscription link, etc.), giving the user reason to pursue your services
  • Secure: Once the potential customer completes the call to action, it is the job of sales associates, or office managers to ensure a sale is made
  • Evaluate: Securing a sale does not end the inbound marketing process, instead, data should be generated through surveys, and other metric analysis, and used to improve future marketing campaigns

Completing these steps will institute a proven digital marketing strategy that, if properly implemented, can and will create customer leads for plumbing companies. Contractors should be mindful of SEO services offering inbound marketing scams. Plumber inbound marketing strategies should exclusively rely on organic methodologies, making PPC or any other form of paid advertising a separate from of marketing.

Is Inbound the Best Marketing Technique for Plumbers?

Man on Cell Phone Engaged In Inbound Marketing ContentThe answer to this question depends on your goals as a plumbing company. Are you looking for immediate customer acquisition, and willing to pay a premium price for it? If so, inbound marketing would not be your primary option. A paid method like PPC is best for plumbers looking for immediate results. Still, even in cases such as these, inbound marketing should still be considered as a simultaneous marketing strategy, focused on long-term results.

At Plumbing Webmasters, our only objective is to meet the marketing needs of our customers. Our flexibility allows us to offer everything from organic search engine optimization (SEO), to pay per click advertising (PPC). We believe that the customer comes first, and we want to see plumbing contractors flourish in their local communities by establishing a digital presence that will continually generate customer leads. Call 877.388.9884 for plumber inbound marketing services.