What Is Inbound Marketing?

Editor Reviews Inbound Marketing Procedure

Inbound Promotion Precludes Paid Methods By Nature

Inbound marketing is a promotional method that acquires customers through organic means such as; content marketing, social networking, and search engine optimization (SEO). Examples of inbound promotion are prevalent in today’s marketing landscape, most notably through social media sharing, blogging, and search engine indexing. The effectiveness of inbound marketing is largely dependent on content quality, as opposed to the salesmanship that drives more traditional marketing techniques. Benefits to inbound marketing for plumbers include:

  • Cost Efficiency: Fundamentally organic, as in; unpaid strategies
  • Proven Success: A track record of sustained success through digital channels
  • Sustainablity: Helps local contractors thrive over a long period of time

Macro level thinkers who value long term success will be most attracted to the inbound philosophy. As a technique that sustains itself through its inherent value, inbound promotion requires a substantial devotion of time and resources, but is also less of a financial burden than more traditional forms of marketing. Inbound marketing generates quality leads at a higher rate than outbound promotion since its appeal is consumer driven rather than imposed through persuasiveness or manipulation. Call (877) 388-9884 for inbound marketing services for plumbers.

Inbound Marketing Strategy for Plumbing Contractors

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A Strategy Includes Engagement, Evaluation, & Testing

Every marketing campaign is best equipped when a planning and development stage proceeds it. As part of our basic marketing plan, which can be either month to month (MTM) or pay per lead (PPL), depending on your preference, we plan inbound strategies for content marketing, SEO, and website design, as well as NAP citation listings. We also offer add on services which can expand inbound marketing to website reviews integration, Facebook marketing services, and virtual office space. A well designed inbound strategy follows the principles below:

  • Engage: Develop content worth reading, and present it through user-friendly platforms, and ones that are easily accessed (social media, blog, website, etc.)
  • Transform: Every piece of marketing content should have a call to action (phone number link, subscription link, etc.), giving the user reason to pursue your services
  • Secure: Once the potential customer completes the call to action, it is the job of sales associates, or office managers to ensure a sale is made
  • Evaluate: Securing a sale does not end the process, instead, data should be generated through surveys, and other metric analysis, and used to improve future marketing campaigns

Since inbound promotion is fundamentally organic, PPC advertising does not fall under its category. With that said, we still offer PPC AdWords management as an add on service which can supplement your inbound marketing traffic. We recommend investing in add on services, as they create a more complete online presence for your plumbing company. Combining inbound marketing with PPC advertising generates multiple lead channels, and promotes a faster rate of sales conversions.

Is Inbound the Best Marketing Technique for Plumbers?

Plumbing Webmasters Marketing Team PhotoThere is no “best” strategy for plumbers. In an ideal scenario, contractors invest in multiple strategies so each works together to form a complete internet presence. Inbound promotion certainly has its advantages. The consumer feels more in control of their investment, prompting a higher retention percentage, and more satisfied customers in general. Traditional outbound strategies don’t promote the same level of satisfaction, in part because the modern consumer is more aware of manipulation than ever before. A paid method like PPC advertising falls somewhere in between the two concepts.

At Plumbing Webmasters, our objective is clear; to meet our clients marketing needs and promote lead generation. Our flexibility in plans and services makes us a fit for any plumbing contractor or company. If you prefer fixed payments, you can sign up for our MTM plan. If you’re only interested in paying for results, our PPL plan is best for you. With either plan, you’ll receive several applications of inbound marketing, and with add on services, you’ll receive even more. Call (877) 388-9884 for plumber inbound marketing services.