Plumber Content Proofreading

Plumbing Content Proofreading

Web Content Should Be Both Readable and Error-Free

Your online presence is a representation of your company. Plumbers who hope to make a positive impression on consumers must exhibit professionalism through each of their digital entities. A website’s content should be grammatically correct and otherwise error-free. Content marketing helps contractors reach more customers, but content proofreading ensures those reached enjoy a positive user experience. Plumbing Webmasters offers both month to month (MTM) and pay per lead (PPL) plans, each which include content proofreading services. We review:

  • Duplication: Ensuring content is original and not scraped from other websites
  • Formatting: Making sure content is formatted for optimal presentation
  • Grammar: Checking for content grammar and syntax
  • Readability: Ensuring content is for the user and not search engines

Failure to establish or maintain favorable rankings on Google search results is generally the result of subpar content. Whether your pages were crafted by a 3rd party company, or you did it yourself, a lack of search visibility indicates clear room for improvement. Plumbing Webmasters audits your website for formatting, grammar, and overall readability and documents necessary solutions. In addition to our basic PPL and MTM plans, we offer add on services which include Facebook management and virtual office space. Call (877) 388-9884 for content proofreading services.

Other Applications of Content Proofreading

Writers Proofread Plumber Content

Proofreading Expands Beyond A Primary Plumbing Site 

Though a company website serves as the foundation of your internet presence, it is not the only representation of your company online. Depending on your choice of payment plan and add on services, several other digital entities will display content, which must be proofread and optimized as well. Consumers can become leads through multiple marketing channels, so ensuring informative, unique, and error-free content on each platform promotes lead generation, and ultimately sales conversions. Examples of additional content channels include:

  • Ad Text: The text portion of your PPC advertisements
  • Blog Posts: Monthly blog write-ups
  • Directory Listings: Descriptions and / or biographies on websites like Better Business Bureau
  • Social Posts: Social media posts on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Professional proofreading assures both accuracy and consistency throughout various marketing channels. Though consistency is encouraged, duplication is not. While multiple social profiles like those on Twitter and Instagram will convey similar messages, they should not be identical. Refraining from exact word usage on social media, directory listings, and review platforms promotes content diversity and uniqueness, and lends itself to improved local search rankings. In addition, error-free content across various platforms encourages brand development.

The #1 Plumber Content Proofreading Service

Editors Proofread Plumbing ContentIn an age where SEO is commonplace, it’s not difficult to find services for proofreading and content management, in general. What makes Plumbing Webmasters unique is our industry-specific focus, as well as our diverse payment options including pay per lead (PPL) marketing plans. Besides proofreading, our services also include content marketing, blogging, photo optimization, and much more. In adherence to our principle of adaptability, we stay on top of the latest Google algorithms, allowing us to evolve alongside the world’s most popular search engine.

It’s not uncommon for plumbing websites to have content so poor in quality that they become subject to Google penalties. Plumbing Webmasters can reboot your entire online presence with a brand new custom website, optimized for both search engines and mobile devices. Website design is included in our basic marketing plans, both MTM and PPL, and website reviews integration is available as an add on service. There’s no aspect of digital marketing that we’re unfamiliar with. Give us a call at (877) 388-9884 to discuss content proofreading and how it can improve your website.