Google Algorithms & Penalty Recovery for Plumbers

Guide to Google Algorithms for Plumbers

As a local business owner, you know that your plumbing company website is a vital part of your business. In order to reach the greatest amount of potential clients, it is essential that you utilize your web presence to its fullest extent, and dominate your competition in search engine results. However, in order to create an effective web presence that will optimize online, first you need to understand how search engines determine which company ranks where.

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Search engine results are chosen by powerful Google algorithms.

Search engines like Google are powered by algorithms that allow them to read and rank your website according to internet user needs. For example, if your website is optimized for ‘local plumbing repair’, Google algorithms will rank you highly when potential clients in your area search for ‘local plumbing repair.’ Google is constantly adjusting and tweaking their algorithms to enhance user experience. There isn’t a single marketer out there that can accurately guess what the next algorithm updates will hold or do. Not even everyone at Google knows what the new updates hold. Changes and tweaks in the algorithms can have a significant impact on website rankings, and with the secretive and constant changing nature of these updates, it can be very difficult to keep your website at the top of search results.

At the Plumbing Webmasters, we are experts in SEO. We are constantly learning and adapting to stay on top of Google algorithms. We offer comprehensive SEO work, which means that we are capable of managing your entire web presence, and helping your plumbing company website dominate the search results for your target keywords. Google updates can be very tricky, and if you make any mistakes, Google can penalize you greatly for them. That is why at the Plumbing Webmasters, we strictly abide by Google’s webmaster guidelines. We do not participate in black hat SEO techniques, because that kind of SEO work will hurt your URL’s reputation, as well at hurt your rankings in the long run.

Google has made 4 major algorithm updates, listed below. However, they release hundreds of minor tweaks and updates every year that are not heavily publicized, but can still have a dramatic effect on your website’s rankings.

  • Panda: Released in 2011, Panda is known for filtering out low quality content that negatively affects user experience. For example, content from content farms, that is low quality, but filled with keywords and SEO strategy. That kind of content doesn’t make for a good user experience, so Google removes it.
  • Penguin:Released in 2012, Penguin is one of the most notorious algorithm updates in the SEO community. The Google Penguin update is known for its aggressive penalizations on unnatural link building, and link schemes. This update tanked many top ranking websites that were manipulating search results with low quality backlinks.
  • Hummingbird: An extremely significant new algorithm released in 2013, Hummingbird is most known for its improvement of search results and user experience. Hummingbird is less concerned with keywords and more concerned with the keyword’s intent.
  • Pigeon: Released in 2014, Pigeon is primarily focused on mapping and location data, in order to provide more accurate results to users.

Google Penguin Update

For many website owners, the Google algorithms have a huge effect on rankings. However, for the majority of our plumbing company clients, they appear to be heavily affected by the Penguin update. If your website relied on low quality, paid for, or spammy link building tactics and link schemes, you will have significant Google penalties associated with your website. Backlinks are an essential part of increasing your ranking in search results, but it is critical that you use proper link building techniques. Ethical link building strategies post penguin are one of the hardest things for some website owners to get the hang of. If you are unsure of what ethical link building techniques are, give our experts a call. We offer link building services for plumbers, and Google penalty recovery services.

Google Penalty Recovery Services for Plumbing Companies

Are you concerned that your website has been hit with a Google penalty? The Plumbing

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Link schemes can lead to serious Google penalties for plumbing company websites!

Webmasters offer services to help you find out if you’ve been hit with one, and then help you find out why. If you are worried about Google penalties on your plumbing company website, give our plumber SEO experts a call today at 877.388.9884! We can help you with all of your Google algorithm and penalty recovery for plumbers questions as well as:

  • How Long Does Google Penalty Recovery Take for Plumber Websites?
  • Will a New Domain Fix Your Google Penalty Problem?
  • Manual Google Penalties VS. Algorithm Updates
  • How to Tell if Your Plumbing Company Site Has Been Penalized by Google Penguin

If you are interested in improving your web presence online, and helping your plumbing company succeed in the online market, the Plumbing Webmasters are here to help. We have comprehensive SEO services that are designed to increase your visibility, improve your client conversion rates, and grow your business. We can help you evaluate your site for things such as Google penalties, and provide backlink monitoring services to protect you from future penalties. We even offer link building services for plumbers, to help you gain ethical, quality backlinks that will boost your rating.

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