Google Penalty Recovery Services for Plumbers

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Algorithmic Impacts Are Not Manual Google Penalties

Google Penalties are often confused with algorithmic impacts. If your plumbing company website suffered a major drop in search rankings, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve been penalized. Often times, your website has been impacted by a Google algorithm update which changes or tweaks the factors that determine ranking. Although the result is similar, in that you lose organic traffic, the solution is much different. Adapting to algorithm updates is much easier than recovering from manual Google Penalties. If you have in fact been hit with a manual Google penalty, it was likely for one or more of the following reasons:

  • BlatantĀ Spam: Autogenerated gibberish
  • Cloaking: The act of displaying different pages to search engines than users
  • Keyword Stuffing: The act of oversaturating content with keywords, affecting readability
  • Link Schemes: Buying links or engaging in any form of unnatural link building

If your company has been slapped with a manual Google penalty, you will find a notification in your Google Search Console dashboard. The notification will explain exactly why you’ve been penalized and whether or not it pertains to part of your website, or all of it. The good news is that Plumbing Webmasters can help you recover from this penalty, and prevent accidental penalties in the future. The process isn’t as simple as algorithmic changes, but it is something we can certainly handle. If you require assistance with plumber Google Penalty recovery, please call us today at (877) 388-9884.

How Long Does Google Penalty Recovery Take?

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Rankings Are Influenced By Quality Backlinks

There is really no clear cut answer for this. Google is very serious when it comes to websites that do not follow their guidelines, so there is a chance that your website rankings never return. Why? Because the links that were contributing to those ranking were either flagged or removed for some reason. The only way to get rankings back is to earn newer and higher quality links. Plumbing Webmasters can help you do that with our link building services. In the meantime, you should focus on optimizing your page to adhere to Google’s Quality Guidelines, and paying close attention to Google algorithm updates. At Plumbing Webmasters, we provide several options:

  • Custom Website Design: We will design a completely new website so you start fresh
  • Link Building: We will help you earn quality backlinks
  • PPC: We mange campaigns that pay for ad space on search results
  • SEO: We will optimize your page with ethical optimization techniques

Creating an entirely new website is not the best case scenario. In doing so you will be sacrificing every bit of SEO that your previous website established over the years. Still, for manual Google penalties, it is certainly an option. Plumbing Webmasters will work with your company to determine the best course of action moving forward. If the penalty can be recovered from without creating a new website, we will facilitate that solution. If it cannot, we will help you start fresh with a custom plumbing website, optimized for search engines, and filled with high quality content that adheres to Google standards.

Fixing Algorithm Violations for Plumbers

Team Works on Penalty Recovery ServicesIf it turns out your rankings drop is the result of an algorithm violation, rather than a manual penalty, we can help you very quickly. We are constantly up to date with Google algorithm changes, so we can audit pages and identify the precise locations that require improvements. Our team of SEO experts has spent decades optimizing websites for plumbing contractors, and can help you get started today. With our ongoing services you can rest assured that your website will maintain good standing with Google and other search engines. Our content team crafts original and engaging text that enhances user experience while satisfying search engine crawlerbots.

If you don’t have access to Google Search Console and don’t know if, when, or how your rankings have been impacted in the recent months, Plumbing Webmasters can get you the information you need. Our SEO experts will audit your website, and determine the root cause of ranking problems, and whether or not you have been hit with a manual Google Penalty. If you have, we can help you recover and prevent similar occurrences from taking place in the future. To further discuss Google Penalty Recovery, give us a call today atĀ (877) 388-9884.