Earning Quality Links For Plumbers

Earning Quality Links GraphicLinks have always been a primary indicator of website authority. But today, link building is more about earning than anything else. Google has evolved over the years, and tactics that once “tricked” the search engine into improving a website’s ranking, will now have the opposite effect. The best way to generate quality inbound links in 2018 is to earn them through search engine optimization techniques. Some of the best methods include:

  • Blogging: Writing high quality blog posts
  • Pages: Writing high quality web pages
  • Presence: Branding your company across the web
  • Sharing: Distributing content on social media

Each of the methods above are organic in nature. This is a stark contrast to what link building looked like ten to fifteen years ago. At that time, buying links, or exchanging them with other websites in “link schemes” was quite common, and could jettison a page to the top of results. The problem is that most of these links were unnaturally formed and hindered the user’s experience. Since Google serves its users first and foremost, they understandably cracked down on such behavior. Call (877) 388-9884 to earn quality links.

What Are Link Schemes?

Content Marketer Crafts Post With Link Potential

We Engage In Ethical Link Earning Practices

Link scheming is the practice of building links in an unnatural fashion. We mentioned that the practice was quite common at one time, but has since been policed by Google. With each algorithm update, Google has gotten closer to rewarding sites with natural links, and punishing those with manipulative ones. The 2012 Penguin update, in particular, cracked down on spammy links. Any of the following practices could be considered link scheming:

  • Buying Links: Purchasing inbound links
  • Guest Blogging: A manipulation of guest posting — basically writing thin content just to post a link
  • Link Exchanges: A blatant and excessive exchange of links with a “help me, i’ll help you” philosophy
  • Link Networks: Affiliation with web entities whose only purpose is inbound linking

So why did people do this so often, and in some cases, continue to do it? Because it worked. Before 2012 especially, using these strategies, while unethical, were undoubtedly effective. They are no longer as effective, and while some websites continue to try to beat the algorithm, the likelihood of them being caught and penalized grows higher with each passing day. Plumbing Webmasters uses only ethical link earning strategies for your website.

Projecting The Future of Link Earning

Editor Review Plumber Link ProfileKnowing Google’s philosophy on the enhancement of user experience should instruct us how to develop link profiles for our plumbing websites. User experience is the first priority, so creating link associations that facilitate a user’s navigation to helpful and engaging information is encouraged. Plumbing Webmasters is a company that stays on top of the latest digital trends so that our clients are ahead of the curve. We understand the plumbing industry and the market it caters to because of our years of experience marketing on behalf of contractors. We are eager to help you get started today.

Lots of options exist for plumber internet marketing. The difference in our company is that we focus specifically on your industry. Our years or experience and data accumulation gives us an advantage over general marketing firms that serve a wide array of industries. We make data-driven decisions that have a track record of success rather than going with “gut feelings” or padding empty metrics like “traffic.” To start earning quality links for your plumbing website, give us a call today at (877) 388-9884.