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Compare Your Website to Competitors

Plumbing companies hoping to improve their website’s search ranking in 2018 must pay attention to their main competitors. Through competitive analysis, you can gain insights into your ranking position and the requirements necessary to move up . Additionally, you can contrast your SEO tactics to those of your competition and make the necessary adjustments to keep pace. Competitive analysis from Plumbing Webmasters consists of:

  • Benchmarking: Setting goals for your website based on SEO metrics
  • Evaluating: Reviewing the findings of competition research
  • Reporting: Generating comparative reports of your company and its main competitors
  • Scoring: Giving grades to competitors based on cumulative SEO metrics

The more efficiently we can break down SEO performance, the more improvements we can make to your search engine optimization. This is particularly useful when done in the context of competitive analysis. If your opponent is ranking #3 on Google, and your website is ranking #5, we want to find the reasons why. Once we do, we can make the adjustments and improve your ranking. For plumber SEO competitive analysis, call us at (877) 388-9884.

Metrics to Analyze for Plumbing Websites

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For a True Comparison, Metrics Must be Consistent Across All Websites

When analyzing a competitors website, specific metrics should be targeted. By identifying the same measurements on each competitor website, and your own, you can make a true and statistically accurate comparison. Some of the metrics to target on plumbing websites include:

  • Domain Authority: The established authority of the website’s domain (Moz measurement)
  • External Links Volume: The amount of external links on a specific competitor page
  • Google Rank: The current # ranking on Google search engine results pages for a keyword
  • Keyword Density: The amount of instances of a specific keyword divided by the total number of words on a page

Several tools exist to assist the competitive analysis process. Moz On-Page Grader, for example, will give a grade to any URL on the internet. It is critical that grades are broken down into individual categories so that more detailed comparisons can be made. In most cases, the separation between a #1 website and a #3 website is in the details.

Implementing Analyzed Competitor Data

Team Members Perform SEO Competitor AnalysisOnce data is analyzed it can be used to improve your website. One of the main takeaways from competitive analysis is keyword targeting. If competitors are ranking high for a specific keyword, the data can tell you why you are lagging behind. Perhaps you lack a keyword in your meta description or title tag. Perhaps you fail to use the keyword in your body content. Whatever the case may be, it can be corrected.

Plumbing Webmasters is the #1 competitive analysis resource for plumbing contractors. Not only we will analyze your website vs competitors but we will implement our findings to improve your overall online presence. If you are tired of ranking towards the bottom of Google SERPs for industry keywords, the time is now to invest in a new marketing plan. 2018 can be your year. For plumber SEO competitor analysis, call us (877) 388-9884.