Important Elements of On Page SEO for Plumbers

A frustrating aspect of having a website is seeing your competitor ranking higher in the search engines. You could have better content and an aesthetically pleasing web design, but there are other SEO elements that can help you rank higher and they can be found on individual pages. We call this “on page SEO” and it refers to optimizing individual pages so that they can rank highers. On-page SEO applies to both content and HTML code that you find on a single page. There are a number of elements that Plumbing Webmasters focuses on for on page SEO, which includes:

Important Elements of On Page SEO for Plumbers

We Rank Your Web Pages Higher With On Page SEO.

  • The content that is on the page.
  • Linkable content.
  • The speed of your website.
  • SEO title has a keyword.
  • Meta description has a keyword.
  • A sitemap.
  • Schema-markup
  • Image alt tags
  • Heading tags

With these on page SEO elements, we are able to rank individual web pages a lot higher on search engines. Our SEO and internet marketing team have years of knowledge perfecting on page SEO and are able to make your pages optimize better with our services. Call us today at 877.388.9884 for on page SEO for your plumbing contractor website.

Are Meta Descriptions Important for Plumber SEO?

Are Meta Descriptions Important for Plumber SEO.

Meta Descriptions Can Help Optimize On Page SEO In a Number of Ways.

Meta descriptions are one of the most important elements of on page SEO. Meta descriptions are HTML attribute that describes what web page is about. If you right-click on a web page and click “View Page Source” you are able to see the meta description of the page. So why are meta descriptions important for on page SEO for plumbers? There are a few factors that make on page SEO an essential aspect for any plumbing website.

  • Greater CTR (click-through rate): Descriptions that are relevant and detailed are able to get clicked more often than other pages.
  • Gives consumers condensed information: The meta descriptions tell what a page is about, so consumers are able to get the information that they need.
  • Social media uses meta descriptions: When you share a web page on your social media platforms, it will show the meta description. Without a meta description, the first piece of content will be used.
  • Improve sales: Because meta descriptions can increase CTR, there is a greater chance of making a sale.

Meta descriptions not only let search engines know what your web page is about, but it has all of those other added benefits, as well. If you want to increase your web pages, call us today at 877.388.9884 for on page SEO for plumbers and plumbing company websites.

How to Use Breadcrumb Navigation for Plumber Websites

How to Use Breadcrumb Navigation for Plumber Websites

Breadcrumb Navigation Makes It Easier To Search Your Plumbing Website.

Just like in the Brother Grimm fairytale, Hansel and Gretel, Breadcrumbs are used to finding your way. Breadcrumbs in regards to your website, help users navigate your plumbing website and help them keep track of where they have been. So how do you use breadcrumb navigation for your plumbing website? When the SEO and internet marketing team at Plumbing Webmasters are creating breadcrumbs for your website, we focus on optimizing anchor text with relevant keywords. We do this because it is important to keep breadcrumbs simple and user-friendly. When they are too complicated, they will make it harder for customers to know where they are and where they have been. If you need more information on breadcrumb navigation or you want on page SEO for plumbers and plumbing company websites, call us today at 877.388.9884.