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Off Page SEO Takes Place Away From Your Website

Off Site SEO, or Off Page SEO, refers to optimization techniques that take place exclusively from your main website. This is an important process, as Google determines search rankings based on factors beyond your main website. While a well designed website with proper on page SEO is certainly an important aspect of your internet marketing strategy, the work cannot end there. Places outside of your website that should be optimized include:

  • Business Listings: Google My Business, Better Business Bureau, etc.
  • Generated Backlinks: Inbound links from third party websites
  • Review Profiles: Yelp, Facebook, etc.
  • Social Media Pages: Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.

As you’ve probably noted, websites are not the only place on the internet where your company is visible. If you’ve done your due diligence, you have claimed and optimized business listings, created social media accounts, generated backlinks, and managed reviews and reputation. Each component helps Google gauge the credibility and visibility of your company and best market it to search engine users.

Links and Off Site SEO

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The Most Valuable Backlinks Are Credible and Relevant

Most aspects of off site SEO involve linking of some sort. When you consider that social media profiles, review profiles, and business listings all offer places to embed your website link, you’ll more completely understand why these places matter to search engines. Backlinks are also, of course, link based elements. To generate useful backlinks, the inbound link must originate on a source with the following qualities:

  • Anchor Text: The best backlinks have words that directly correlate to the website which they link to
  • Credibility: The linked website must be reputable and well respected
  • Relevance: Linked websites should make sense within the context of the plumbing industry

Checking these three boxes puts your plumbing company on the path to successful backlinks. Besides earning organic backlinks from quality content, plumbers can also generate them through business and social media profiles. Be careful however, as manipulative backlink generation can get you a Google Penalty.

Unlinked Brand Mentions

Plumber Off Site SEO MeetingIn recent years Google has become more sophisticated. It is now possible for unlinked brand mentions to count towards SEO. In other words, if a third party website happens to mention your plumbing company within their copy, but does not combine the mention with a link, Google can still interpret this mention as an asset to your online presence. As Google continues to evolve, expect more non-link related off site SEO to become prevalent.

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