SEO ROI For Plumbers

Employee Using Calculator To Demonstrate How To Calculate ROISearch engine optimization is a valuable internet marketing practice. But how can a plumbing company truly determine the effectiveness of their SEO investment? The answer is ROI, which stands for; return on investment. ROI offers plumbing companies the following benefits;

  • Evaluation: Many manipulative marketing companies rely on the ignorance of their customers, and can create an illusion of progress because companies have no data to dispute it
  • Flexibility: There are several ROI models people can use, as well as different ways to apply them
  • Goal Measurement: ROI provides plumbing contractors with a measurable goal that they can pursue through action
  • Optimization: Not only can return on investment be a goal, but it can help you reach that goal by optimizing your revenue channels

While ROI relies, in part, on projected data, there are now enough analytics available to create an effective ROI calculation. Not only will this give plumbing companies a measurable goal to aspire to, but it will help them assess the distribution of their marketing dollars. Call 877.388.9884 for plumber SEO ROI.

SEO Tracking For Plumbing Companies

Plumbing Webmasters Employee Measuring SEO ROI For PlumbersPlumbers understand that making a profit on their investment is the desired goal, but before you can calculate ROI, you must set up an attribution model. To do so, you’ll need the following:

  • Google Analytics: GA can be customized to measure any aspect of your website performance, which will come in handy when you calculate ROI
  • Google Search Console: GSC is your source for how customers interact with your website, from CTR to Bounce Rate
  • Website Call To Action: It is important to have a call to action on your website, like an embedded phone number, so that you can effectively measure the success of your SEO

As for attribution models, you can do first-touch attribution which places most significance on the original source, or last-touch attribution which gives most credit to the last channel a consumer touched. Fractional attribution models allow plumbing companies to meet in the middle, and diversify the importance of each channel.

How To Calculate ROI For Plumbers

Businessmen perform Employee Using Calculator To Demonstrate Plumber SEO TrackingYou have your measurement tools and your attribution model, and now it’s time to calculate ROI. You can use a free ROI calculator like the one from HubSpot, or you can do the calculation on your own. For an example calculation, see below:

Monthly Website Visitors: 300

Completed CTA: 15

Converted To Sales: 12

Cost of SEO Services: $850

Income Per Sale: $300

($300*12) – $850

= 3.2%

If you had set a goal of 3% ROI you would have met and exceeded your monthly goal. However if your goal was set to 3.5%, you would have narrowly missed the mark. By digging deeper into analytics, you can find ways to improve your conversion rate optimization and convert more sales. Call 877.388.9884 for plumber SEO ROI.