SEO ROI For Plumbers

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Benchmarking Sets Measurable Goals and Promotes Growth 

Search engine optimization (SEO), is the most commonly used internet marketing technique in the world. As an inbound marketing technique, SEO relies on consistent actions to drive organic traffic to your website. But traffic alone is not an indicator of how successful SEO is. Instead, return on investment (ROI) reveals the performance of search optimization. Measuring ROI, provides the following advantages to plumbing companies:

  • Benchmarking: ROI alllows plumbers to set a measurable goal
  • Evaluation: Having a defined ROI allows plumbers to evaluate the performance of their SEO marketing company
  • Flexibility: There are various ways in which ROI can be measured, as well as applied
  • Strategy: ROI measurement allows companies to alter their strategy accordingly

ROI relies, in part, on data projections. With that said, enough analytical tools now exist to form an accurate estimate which can be used to make business decisions. Not only does an ROI benchmark give plumbing contractors a measurable goal to aspire to, but it presents an opportunity to redistribute resources and maximize value. Call (877) 388-9884 for SEO ROI for plumbers.

SEO Tracking For Plumbing Companies

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Attribution Models Help Calculate Website ROI

It’s not hard to convince plumbers that making a profit off investment is a desired outcome. But before one can calculate ROI, they must develop an attribution model to accurately compute the return on investment. Accuracy is a vital part of the equation, as erroneous results can have massive implications for your entire internet marketing campaign. To create an attribution model, you’ll need:

  • Call To Action: You must define a user action that indicates conversion, such as a phone # link
  • Google Analytics: GA offers custom reporting to measure any aspect of website performance
  • Google Search Console: GSC presents user behavioral data including CTR and bounce rate

There are variations of attribution models that every company should consider. First-touch attributions place the most significance on the inaugural action of the user. Last-touch attribution, in contrast, most values the last action of the user. Fractional attribution models provide plumbing companies with a more diverse interpretation of the conversion process by dispersing value evenly, to each point of the conversion funnel.

How To Calculate ROI For Plumbers

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Calculating ROI Provides Insights

Now that measurement, and attribution have been established, it is time to calculate return on investment. You can use a free ROI calculator, like the one from HubSpot, or you can calculate the number on your own, through a manually developed equation. Consider the calculation process below:

Monthly Website Visitors: 300

Completed Calls To Action: 15

Actions Converted To Sales: 12

Cost of SEO Services: $850

Revenue Per Sale: $300

(300*12) – $850

= 3.2 %

If your benchmark ROI was 3%, you will have both met and exceeded your monthly goal in this scenario. In contrast, if your benchmark ROI was 3.5%, you will have failed to reach your goal this month. By digging deeper into the numbers and analytics, you can improve your conversion rate optimization and refine your marketing strategy. To speak with Plumbing Webmasters about SEO ROI, and what it can mean for your company, give us a call today at (877) 388-9884.