URL Optimization for Your Plumbing Website

An often undervalued aspect of SEO is URL optimization. The organization and consolidation of URLs can impact various parts of your internet marketing campaign. URL stands for uniform resource locator and is often known as a “web address.” Users can navigate directly to web pages via the address bar on web browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla FireFox.

Your website’s URL format is crucial to its performance in SERPs. Because Google tries to provide its users with the best experience possible, its bots will present options first that have clear, easy-to-follow URLs. In fact, URL optimization impacts each of these areas:

  • Crawlability: Facilitates seamless crawling and indexing from Google bots
  • Link Building/Earning: Helps earn quality inbound links with optimal anchor text
  • Search Visibility: Increases visibility on search results
  • User Experience: Indicates page topics to users
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Search Engines and Users Value Clear Web Addresses

The goal of URL optimization is to get users and search engines to understand what respective pages are about in the simplest form possible. Efficiency and relevance are key components in accomplishing this objective and can facilitate the enhancement of search visibility on Google results pages. All URLs should be written using lowercase letters, as uppercase letters can cause duplicate content issues.

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Tips For Writing URLs

Plumbing websites that hope to rank towards the top of Google search engine results pages (SERP’s) for relevant keywords in their industry and geographical location, must follow best practice for URL formation, i.e. writing. The SEO experts at Plumbing Webmasters put each of our clients in the best position to succeed and doing so includes the process of writing web addresses that best optimize your website. Best practices include:

  • Conciseness: The shorter the better
  • Hyphenation: Separate words with hyphens
  • Lowercase: Use lowercase letters
  • Relevance: Relates to the page topic
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Concise and Lowercase Addresses Are Optimal for SEO

Constructing a URL hierarchy before the launch of your website is recommended, and is what we do here at Plumbing Webmasters. Outlining your URLs before your site goes live prevents later complications that can result from address changes. If addresses must be changed at a later date, 301 redirects from the old address to the new one will be necessary to avoid 404 errors and crawling and indexing problems. Plumbing Webmasters can help you get started today.

Avoiding Duplicate Content

A URL’s protocol (i.e. http, https, etc.) instructs browsers how to pull information from a resource. Failure to optimize the resources can cause duplicate content issues, which can negatively impact search visibility. The deployment of canonicalization can prevent such issues from arising by communicating to search engines the “master copy” of a given page. Although as human beings we view a single URL with either http:// and https:// as one in the same, the slight variation causes Google to interpret these addresses as separate, and therefore duplicate content.

Plumbing Webmasters Expert Checking Duplicate Content

Duplicate Content Can Attract Some Hefty Ranking Hits. Our Experts Ensure Your Content is Original and Informative.

Though duplicate content is not an official Google penalty, its resulting impact can be similar. Failure to canonicalize a URL can create scenarios in which plumbing websites are competing against themselves for ranking position. In worse cases, Google is forced to select one page of content over another, rendering the other one effectively useless. You can prevent issues like this by investing in online marketing services from Plumbing Webmasters.

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