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Editor Reviews Plumbing Content for Semantic SEO

SEO Should Focus on User Intent

Search engine optimization is an evolving concept, market, and business. In 2018, user intent will continue to establish itself as a primary component of SEO. Plumbing companies can improve their internet marketing presence by imploring cognitive principles to entice a target audience. Let’s review some ways to implement user intent into your SEO strategy:

  • Content Variation: Content must evolve to match user intent, and keywords should be surrounded by meaningful and engaging copy
  • Customer Profiles: Develop a profile for your target customer, what is their need, and how will the pursue meeting it?
  • Keyword Research: Dig deeper into keyword research, beyond basic terms like “plumber near me”
  • Semantic SEO: Implementing groups of secondary keywords to prevent redundancy in your content

Google has a defined objective of meeting user needs. Search engines exist to serve their users and as algorithms evolve, more comprehensive results will be generated based on specific searches. Google’s technology gets smarter and the user expects more from the search engine. It is the job of plumbing websites to evolve along with Google. Call (877) 388-9884 for plumber SEO user intent marketing.

Creating a Customer Search Profile

Plumber SEO User Intent Meeting

Knowing Your Target Customer Influences Content SEO

To cater to user intent, you must establish the needs of your target customer. Who is it that your plumbing website hopes to reach, and how can it most effectively meet the needs of that person? When creating a customer profile, consider the following:

  • What is their objective? (To find a reputable plumber within 15 miles)
  • What is their primary need? (To have a problem with their plumbing corrected)
  • What entices them to choose a plumbing service? (location, convenience, price, reputation, etc.)
  • What solutions are they NOT looking for? (DIY tutorials, referrals, eBooks, etc.)

By answering these questions, plumbing companies can more effectively develop content that matches the intent of their target customer. As a result of this content development, search engines can more effectively market your website to relevant users, decreasing bounce rates, and increasing conversions.

Plumbing Keyword Research for User Intent

Team Members Discuss User IntentA decade ago, keyword research was broad and generalized. When looking for “plumbing keywords” with a high search volume, plumbers would come across everything from “shower remodel” to “how to fix a leaky faucet”. With our enhanced understanding of user intent, keyword research should be adapted accordingly.

In researching keywords for user intent, plumbers should be more selective. Keywords that don’t correlate with your target customer profile should be ignored and thrown out of your content. In addition, content should be built around relevant keywords, as well as keyword variations. The goal is to avoid redundancy while meeting the needs of the user. For plumber SEO user intent marketing, call us at (877) 388-9884.