Facebook Marketing for Plumbers

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Facebook Marketing Has Changed For 2018

Facebook marketing is not what it once was. Many plumbing companies are using obsolete practices that are providing zero value to their online presence. If you didn’t get the memo, Facebook decided to change its news feed algorithm in 2018, citing their initiative of Bringing People Closer Together. While this might transform the platform from a spam filled meme contest into the social network it was originally intended to be, it is still bad news for plumbers. The organic reach of FB Business Pages is expected to take a substantial nosedive as a result of the algorithmic change. Here’s how your plumbing company can maintain some semblance of relevance:

  • Advertising: Since organic reach is now limited, you may have to increase your Facebook Advertising budget
  • Content Quality: The update will weed out low-quality content, making the premium on quality even higher
  • Live Video: FB Live attracts the most engagement from users, so try to incorporate it into your strategy
  • See-First” Setting: Loyal customers may want to continue seeing your content on their news feed in which case you can urge them to select the “see-first” setting on your page

While the most recent update severely limits the organic reach of your Business Page, it is not a cue to abandon Facebook all together. Though that option might sound appealing, there is still value in having regular FB activity. As far as we know, the network still contributes to social signals that are considered a Local Ranking Factor. At the very least, your FB page will still serve as a valuable citation source for your company, and a place where you can interact with customers and generate reviews. CallĀ (877) 388-9884 for plumber Facebook marketing services.

Facebook Groups for Plumbers

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FB Groups Present an Intriguing Alternative

An underutilized marketing channel within the Facebook social network is Facebook Groups. FB offers businesses the opportunity to create their own groups, and interact with loyal customers in the local community. This provides an intriguing alternative to Business Pages which, as we’ve noted, are losing much of their marketability in 2018. In addition to creating a group for your plumbing company, you’ll also want to join groups that already exist. Try to find groups that involve some aspect of the plumbing industry so that you can network with potential customers. A successful FB group does the following:

  • Engage Actively: For your group to be sustainable, it must be consistently active
  • Administrate and Monitor: You’ll want to control the narratives on your group, and make sure they stay on topic
  • Encourage Feedback: Groups can be a great place to learn more about your customers needs
  • Group Insights: If your group reaches 250 members, you’ll gain access to valuable insights

20 years ago, plumbing companies would’ve had to administer a focus group to gain the types of insights that FB groups provide. This digital community can provide valuable data for your company as you aim to consistently improve processes and generate more leads. Electing to make yours a private group, customers will feel more empowered than ever to speak their mind about your plumbing services, and you won’t have to worry about any negative feedback becoming public. Plumbing Webmasters is ready to handle every aspect of your social media marketing campaign.

Why Plumbers Should Delegate Facebook Marketing

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Plumbers Should Delegate Social Media Business Activity

Contractors in the plumbing industry might be tempted to handle FB marketing on their own, especially with the expected drop in organic reach. Though it might seem advantageous on the surface, it will most likely cost your company money in the long run. Overseeing a full time plumbing company takes up all hours of the work day. It is human nature that you will begin to put off social media activity in favor of more urgent demands. The problem is that competitors are paying for social media marketing, and overtaking you on search results.

At Plumbing Webmasters, our SEO and internet marketing team will develop a social media strategy that targets relevant consumers, sends signals to search engines, and establishes brand identity. We consult with each of our clients to listen to their goals so that we can most effectively implement them into the strategy. Algorithms are constantly changing, and you need a company that stays ahead of the curve. To get the most out of your Business Page in 2018, call (877) 388-9884 for the Plumber Facebook marketing services.