Plumber LinkedIn Marketing

Plumber LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn focuses on connecting businesses with other professionals in the industry

Why Should Plumbers Use LinkedIn Marketing?

LinkedIn marketing gives plumbing companies the opportunity to market to the largest business network on the web. While social media marketing services are usually constrained to the same 3 websites; Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, LinkedIn provides local businesses with more of a niche market, that can be taken advantage of, if properly utilized. LinkedIn marketing provides the following advantages for plumbing companies:

  • Brand Awareness: LinkedIn is a great place to brand your company in a network of businesses
  • Content Engagement: LinkedIn is another source for content sharing, and thus another chance to be indexed on Google SERPs
  • Market Reach: LinkedIn is a niche market that focuses primarily on business recruitment and expansion, giving plumbing companies a chance to reach a valuable audience
  • Networking/Recruitment: LinkedIn marketing provides the added bonus of business networking and recruitment, giving plumbing contractors a chance to expand their business in ways that were not possible before the digital age

Though it is not as large as Facebook, or as instantaneous as Twitter, LinkedIn serves a specific marketing purpose for plumbing contractors. By expanding your brand through a business minded network, you are enhancing your reputation, for both search engines, and their users. Call 877.388.9884 for plumber LinkedIn marketing services.

How To Create a LinkedIn Company Page

LinkedIn Marketing Services for Plumbers

Creating a LinkedIn company page is simple, and it can really contribute to your online presence

LinkedIn is the network where companies and professionals connect. Plumbing companies that are interested in creating a LinkedIn company page can follow the steps below:

Step 1: Visit and create an account
Step 2: On your account homepage click the “Work” icon (a box with 6 squares) on the top right
Step 3: Input your company name, and desired URL
Step 4: Verify your authorization by checking the verification box
Step 5: Select “Create Page”
Step 6: Select “Get Started” and follow the prompts to edit your page

Once your company page is created, the editing process should imitate your regular SEO strategy. Optimize the descriptive portions of your page with industry keywords like “plumber” and “plumbing company” along with local keywords like “dallas”. Make sure to share content from your blog and YouTube channel, as well as to curate content from industry relevant sources. The goal is to gain followers to your LinkedIn company page, so that you can market your services to a wider audience.

LinkedIn Marketing Services for Plumbing Contractors

LinkedIn Business Services for Plumbing Companies

Plumbing Webmasters manages LinkedIn accounts

If you are a busy plumbing contractor, you probably don’t have time to update your Facebook and Twitter pages, let alone a LinkedIn company page. Luckily for you, Plumbing Webmasters offers social media marketing services for plumbers. Our team of SEO experts, optimizes each of your social media pages to increase your visibility on search engines, and generate more customer leads.

If you are a plumbing company searching for ways to grow your business online, consider investing in Plumbing Webmasters. Unlike commercial SEO enterprises that manage clients from various industries, our internet marketing firm focuses specifically on plumbing contractors. Our decades of experience working with plumbers, combined with our in depth knowledge of SEO and Google algorithms, makes us the perfect match for your company. Call 877.388.9884 and ask about our plumber LinkedIn marketing services.