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Tweets Are Only As Effective As Your Follower Base

Twitter has established itself as one of the most popular social media platforms on the internet, and plumbing companies can take advantage with a sound marketing strategy. Creating a Twitter company page is simple, as are the subsequent actions of uploading a logo, filling out a bio, and publishing an inaugural tweet. The difficult phase of Twitter marketing occurs when trying to grow your followers and expand your market reach. Though the process is sometimes tedious, and time consuming, the following actions pay off when performed consistently:

  • Curation: Using Twitter’s Re-Tweet function to curate industry-related content
  • Engagement: Replying to tweets that mention your company, or service industry
  • Networking: Growing your network base by following other accounts, and participating in #hashtag conversations
  • Sharing: Consistently sharing content via tweet, whether that be a link to a blog post, a promotional graphic, or a traditional real-time tweet

Creating a substantial following is more about updating your account when a promotional event is upcoming. To really gain ground, you must engage with your followers and audience members via Twitter. This happens through direct interaction, something Twitter makes extremely simple with their user-friendly interface, and easy tagging and reply system. We understand that most plumbers don’t have time to manage their Twitter mentions while running a full time company. That’s where Plumbing Webmasters comes in. CallĀ (877) 388-9884 for plumber Twitter marketing services.

How Can Plumbing Contractors Gain Followers?

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Building Followers Is Challenging But Can Be Accomplished

The most difficult aspect of Twitter marketing is gaining a follower base in which to market to. On each Twitter profile, the number of followers is listed, along with the number of accounts being followed. For brands to be considered reputable, they must have a certain number of followers. With that said, reputation can be established more quickly by having your account verified, which will show a blue check mark on your profile, and help you build trust. Other ways to gain followers include:

  • Content Distribution: Creating and sharing valuable content is the best way to gain organic followers
  • Follow Back: When an account follows you, follow them back, as this indicates to others that you will reciprocate
  • Twitter Chats: Participating in chats using the aforementioned #hashtags
  • Website Button: Implement a “Follow Us” button on your main website

One thing you’ll want to monitor is who you are following. Associating yourself with spam accounts does not reflect well on your business. While reciprocating a follow can help you earn more of them, ensure that the corresponding account is not spam before deciding to follow them. As long as they are not posting spam-like content, or vulgar language, you should be in the clear. Twitter also offers a block feature in which you can block certain users from following you. If you find that a spam account is following you, it might be a good idea to block them.

A Trusted Plumber Marketing Service

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We Specialize In Plumber Internet Marketing

There are no shortage of internet marketing companies that offer social media services, including Twitter marketing. But how many of those companies specialize in the plumbing industry? At Plumbing Webmasters, our team of social media experts has decades of experience working with contractors just like you. This give us an advantage because we understand your target audience, and what they look for in a marketing campaign. Furthermore, we are affordable, and provide a full range of internet marketing services.

The team at Plumbing Webmasters is a believer in the power of small businesses. With modern marketing platforms, there is greater opportunity than ever before for plumbing contractors to grow their customer base. No longer will you be competing with industry giants for advertising space, when you can develop a superior strategy that will allow you to reach consumers with any budget. To further discuss Twitter marketing services for plumbers, give us a call today atĀ (877) 388-9884.