Tricking Google

Can I fool Google?

tricking GoogleYou want your plumbing website to be number one. And you want it to get there fast. So you wonder, can I fool Google? Maybe you have heard about short cuts and ways to trick Google to get to the top fast. And maybe you have even tried these tricks. But the reality is, you cannot fool Google for long.

Google constantly updates what they call algorithms. These algorithms are used to detect good and bad SEO. And as the years have progressed Google gets smarter and smarter. All the guidelines they have laid out, they now enforce. And they are exceptionally good at what they do.

Bad Still Exists

Just because Google has updated their algorithms, doesn’t mean you can trust any SEO company. Many companies still use short cuts to get your site to the top. Unfortunately, these are short term results. And every time Google updates their algorithms you have to live in fear of being penalized.

We have seen it all. From keyword stuffed sites to sites spammed with false inbound linking, some domain names are almost ruined beyond repair. The bad still exists. But it won’t continue to exist on top for long.

What to Avoid

the right wayIf you want to build a proper web presence, avoid tricks and cheating to get to the top. Google is smart and cannot be fooled. Don’t partake in any of the following tricks:

  • Keyword Stuffing
  • Dual Sites (more than one site for the same company)
  • False Link Building
  • Invisible or Hidden Text
  • Doorway Pages

So give us a call if you want your plumbing website to reach the top the right way. We never participate in tricking Google or trying to cheat the system. Which means when you reach the top with us, you can stay there by merit of a job well done.