Plumber Bing Ads Management

Plumber Bing Ads

Bing Ads can serve as an affordable PPC alternative

For plumbing contractors on a budget, Bing Ads can be an affordable alternative to Google AdWords. The competition on AdWords is great, and in order to rank for competitive keywords in the plumbing industry, companies will be expected to pay up. For plumber Bing Ads management, give us a call at 877.388.9884. Bing Ads are the following:

  • Affordable: No minimum fee for Bing advertisers, and an adjustable budget in which you only pay for clicks
  • Customizable: Target local communities, specific devices, and specific age demographics
  • Measurable: Test and track keywords, bids, and time periods, and gather valuable marketing data for future campaigns

Bing Ads offer quite a bit of flexibility for plumbing contractors. The ability to target advertisements to specific locations, allows plumbing companies to efficiently invest in marketing and only market to internet users with sales conversion potential. Spending money wisely on marketing, can free up your budget for other endeavors going forward.

Is Bing Ads Worth It for Plumbing Companies?

Bing Ads PPC

Bing Ads are shown on Bing and Yahoo

Yes. I know what you are all thinking. Google AdWords is the premium PPC service on the internet. It’s a fair point. Since Google does account for over 77% of all searches, a website like Bing might seem like a waste of marketing dollars. It’s important to read beyond the most obvious statistics. Here are some aspects of Bing that might make you reconsider:

  • Second Place: While Google is the unanimous powerhouse in the world of search engines, Bing is clearly #2, and that means something — Bing accounts for about 873,000,000 million searches per day
  • Traffic Relevance: 52% of Bing users are college graduates and 54% make $75,000 or more per year, meaning they have money to spend — including on plumbing maintenance
  • Yahoo Partnership: The consensus third most popular search engine; Yahoo, is actually now part of Bing, meaning that Bing Ads will display on both sites

Digging deeper into the statistics gives plumbing companies new insights into their marketing strategy and how best invest their dollars. Although Google is the unquestioned king of search engines, and search engine marketing, Bing does provide a reasonable alternative to plumbing contractors on a stricter budget.

Why Plumbing Webmasters?

Plumber Bing Ads ManagementYou might be thinking, why can’t I just invest in Bing Ads PPC campaigns on my own? You certainly can. But if you are looking for the greatest ROI, working with a group of experts like Plumbing Webmasters is your best course of action. We have years of working with contractors just like you and helping them maximize their marketing dollars, and expand their business reach.

Deciding how to invest your marketing dollars is never an easy decision. In fact, how your market yourself can end up being a critical factor in the success of your company. We take our partnership with you very seriously, and our only objective is to see you get the most out of your marketing dollars. We work with plumbing contractors of all budget levels and look forward to hearing from you in the near future. Call 877.388.9884 for plumber Bing Ads management.