Google Ads for Mobile Plumbing Advertising

Google Displayed On Apple Ipad

There are 4 Primary Types of Ad Campaigns on Mobile

Mobile internet usage surpassed desktop in 2015, and Google has explicitly stated that most website visitors will access pages via a mobile device. Using Google Ads to produce mobile-friendly ads that appear in mobile searches is a top method of marketing in the modern world. The sensible reaction to this trend is to allocate more resources in mobile marketing, and, as we’ll discuss on this page; mobile advertising. The best mobile platform on which to advertise is Google Ads.

There are 4 general types of mobile ads:

  • Display Ads: Appear on Gmail mobile, and select mobile apps and websites
  • Mobile App Ads: Appear universally on all mobile Ads supported apps
  • Search Ads: Appear on mobile search results
  • Video Ads: Appear on YouTube videos

Logo for Google AdsAn estimated 82% of smartphone users perform searches for businesses near them. Imagine missing out on 8 out of every 10 customers, and the consequences that would present. The digital landscape has shifted, and online presence must extend to mobile devices if your plumbing company hopes to improve upon or sustain, success. Call (877) 388-9884 for plumber Ads mobile advertising services.

Measuring Mobile Ad Performance for Plumbers

Decades ago, advertising relied more on estimated guesses, than anything else. With modern analytics, much of that guesswork can be eliminated. Google Ads for mobile offers intuitive and comprehensive measurement tools so that plumbing companies can track and analyze their campaign performance in real-time, and make corrective adjustments on-the-fly.  Metrics to monitor include:

  • Clicks: The number of users who found your ad compelling enough to click on it
  • Conversions: Number of users who completed the defined call-to-action
  • Reach: Number of users exposed to an advertisement
  • ROI: Return on investment (money made – money spent)
PPC Experts Manage Mobile AdWords Campaign

Noted Metrics Reveal Mobile Ad Performance

Running a PPC campaign, mobile or otherwise, while simultaneously managing a full-time plumbing business is unrealistic, and, in general, a bad idea. The best course of action is to delegate advertising responsibility. The problem for many plumbers is a lack of trust with marketing companies. At Plumbing Webmasters, our decades of experience working with contractors just like you should give you more confidence that we understand your market, and how to appeal to it.

Optimizing Mobile Ads for Plumbers

Based on measurements, the optimization of mobile advertising can be constantly improved. Best SEO practice should be followed when creating a mobile Ads campaign. Similarly to traditional Ads campaigns, mobile ads rely on an effective corresponding landing page. In this case, the page must be mobile-friendly, and easily navigable on mobile devices to fully maximize leads generated from advertising. A bonus to mobile ads is the integration of click to call functionality. With an embedded phone number link, users can connect directly to your office phone with one finger tap.

AdWords on Smartphone

PPC, SEO, and every other aspect of internet marketing are always evolving. What works best for your mobile ad campaign today, may not work as well in 6 months. There are endless variables that influence the market including season, demand, region, so on, and so forth. It’s best to focus on what you can control. In this case, that’s the measurement and analysis process. Plumbing Webmasters will keep your mobile ads current and modern to generate the most possible leads. Call (877) 388-9884 for plumber mobile ads.