Plumber PPC Campaign Analysis

Plumber PPC Campaign Analysis

PPC Campaigns Should be Regularly Monitored

PPC campaigns must have a preplanned strategy that focuses on communication, budget, and benchmarks in order to be successful. Too often, plumbing companies launch a PPC campaign without digging deep into the numbers. This problem is compounded when they fail to analyze their campaign both during its run time and after it concludes. Plumbing Webmasters solves these problems for you with PPC campaign analysis. Some of the components of campaign analysis include:

  • Benchmarking: Setting goals for your campaign based on market research
  • Evaluating: Using data output to learn about your customers
  • Reporting: Tracking metrics and exporting them in a useable format
  • Troubleshooting: Fixing aspects of your campaign that are broken

Pay per click advertising for your plumbing company is an investment. That investment, however, is not limited to money. Time, effort, and expertise must also be invested in a plumbing PPC campaign ifor real success. If you were promised results that you are not receiving, it may be time to change your marketing company. For plumber PPC campaign analysis that details yo9ur campaign’s progress, call Plumbing Webmasters at (877) 388-9884.

Evaluating Your PPC Campaign

There are several indicators of how your PPC campaign is performing. These can be measured with tools like Google Analytics or AdWords Performance Grader from WordStream. Regardless of the tool in which you use, the metrics to look for remain the same. They include:

  • Conversion Rate: Rate at which clicks complete the call to action
  • Click Through Rate: Rate at which users who see your ad click on it
  • Quality Score: Google’s measure of your ad’s keyword relevance
  • Wasted Spend: Amount of money you are wasting on clicks that don’t convert
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Metrics Reveal PPC Campaign Performance

In many cases, campaigns will perform well for certain metrics, and poorly for others. For example, if your ad is generating a high click-through rate, but a low conversion rate, you likely have an appealing visual ad, but should work on your call to action and landing page optimization. In other cases, all of the metrics are poor, which calls for a complete reset of your PPC campaign. The Plumbing Webmasters professionals can help you decipher which of your strategies are working and which PPC campaigns may need revisions.

Measuring PPC Competition

As a local plumbing contractor, you are competing with your contemporaries for the same advertising space and keywords. With that said, part of analyzing a PPC campaign is keeping an eye on the competition. There are several tools to help plumbers do just that. SpyFu is an intuitive competitor research tool that can tell you the exact keywords for which competitors are running ads on. SEMRush and KeywordSpy also offer similar tools.

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If you lack the time or energy to tackle all of this on your own, have no fear. Plumbing Webmasters will run a PPC campaign analysis for your company and ensure that your dollars are being spent in the most efficient manner possible. We will use competitor analysis to form the best strategy for your pay per click advertising campaign on Google AdWords. Call (877) 388-9884 for plumber PPC campaign analysis.