Plumber Domain Names

Plumber Domain Names

Exact match domains don’t help with SEO

Many plumbing contractors make the mistake of purchasing and exact-match domain (EMD). Their rationale is that keywords within the domain name itself should help them rank higher in Google search results. Unfortunately for them, Google started cracking down on low-quality EMDs way back in 2012. Today, if you have a domain name like, you are making yourself a target for increased scrutiny.

Instead of an EMD, plumbing contractors should purchase a domain that serves their company branding strategy. Use your company name, or a variation of it, as your domain name. Since most of your traffic will be generated via organic search engine optimization (SEO), the branded domain name is simply a way for visitors to remember you.

Qualities of a Plumbing Company Domain Name

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Your domain name should be branded, descriptive, short, and simple

Domain names should only contain keywords if they are part of your brand name. If your brand name is (Location/Family/Plumbing), you might have a couple keywords in your domain name, but it should not be specifically constructed for keyword ranking. As previously stated, EMDs are not going to increase your SEO, but they will make you a target for scrutiny. Here are some qualities of a good domain name:

  • Branded: Familiar customers should know it’s your company based on the domain name
  • Descriptive: Hopefully your brand name denotes “plumbing” or a similar word, so that unfamiliar customers know what service type you are
  • Short: Keeping a domain name both short and descriptive can be challenging, but nobody wants to see really long domain names
  • Simple: Your domain name should be easy to spell, in order to avoid confusion and a possible loss of traffic

Hopefully, by now you understand the difference between EMDs and branded domain names. Remember, internet marketing is about sustainability. This domain name will be with you for a long time and is considered an asset to your company. Think of your domain like a property investment; you can only attract customers with a well-presented exterior.

Is .com the Best Option for Plumbing Companies?

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Plumbing companies should generally target .com domain extensions

At Plumbing Webmasters, contractors sometimes ask us, do we need a .com domain name? While you don’t actually need one, it makes your life a lot easier to have one. The .com domain extension has so many advantages over other variations, that marketing your content without one, can become very problematic. Among the advantages of .com domain extensions are:

  • SEO: Users tend to gravitate towards .com domain extensions, putting websites that possess them at a decided advantage
  • Standardized: People expect your brand name to be a .com, so if it isn’t, you risk missing out on customers
  • Reputable: The .com domain extension holds a strong reputation for trustworthiness, as opposed to; .net, .info, and others

While .com is not the only trusted domain extension, it is the best option for plumbing companies. Other extensions that are perceived as credible include; .org, .gov and .edu., the latter two of which are only available to the government, and educational institutions. For plumber domain name services, call 877.388.9884