Geo-Targeting for Plumbers

What is Geo-Targeting?

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Specific Locations Can Be Targeted With Ads

Geo-targeting refers to the distribution of content based on a user’s specific geographic location. This method of marketing allows content to be crafted for a defined audience, and therefore pander to their unique sensibilities, interests, and sympathies. In most cases, location targeting is utilized in paid advertising, but can also be applied to organic content. Some of the primary aspects of geo-targeting include:

  • Data Measurement: Location targeting provides some of the most valuable marketing data available to local businesses, and data that can help optimize future marketing campaigns
  • Diversity: You may have separate marketing campaigns for separate service areas, dependent upon market research in the respective locations
  • Relevance: The idea of Geo-targeting is to optimize your marketing dollars by running specific marketing content, for a specific location, in which you can tailor the relevance of the campaign to the specific interests of that area

In 2018, plumbing companies looking to outrank competitors must find unique ways to distinguish themselves. One of those ways is location targeting. Because local plumbers usually service multiple locations, segmenting your pitch to reach a more narrow audience could pay major dividends. If you are interested in learning more about geo-targeting for plumbers, give us a call at at (877) 388-9884.

How Plumbers Can Apply Geo-Targeting

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Each Location Segment Has Unique Interests

Many marketing techniques sound good in theory, but are less attractive once applied. That is not the case with geo-targeting. This method of advertising can be implemented in a variety of ways and create a substantial ROI for plumbing companies throughout the United States. As is the case with every marketing strategy, conversion rate optimization is imperative, and must be considered when crafting a plan. Examples of geo-targeting include:

  • Associations: Locations are generally associated with certain landmarks, animals, and things of that nature
  • Colors: Perhaps the local college team has a specific color scheme that is popular within that community
  • Language: A region might use specific language, slang, or dialects which can be incorporated into ads
  • Niche: Certain locations might be more prone to certain plumbing problems due to how houses in the area are constructed

Any of these qualities marketed on a macro-level would not be as impactful as they will be on a micro-level. Audience segmentation is a valuable promotional tool for plumbing contractors. If you can target specific demographics, with tailored messages, you can capture more leads in each specific area, and spend less in total advertising dollars. Plumbing Webmasters is the right company to help you accomplish this task. Our team has been working with plumbing contractors for decades.

Why Choose Plumbing Webmasters?

Plumbing Webmasters Discussing Geo TargetingGeo-targeting is not a tactic exclusive to our company, but how many others will you find that specialize in internet marketing for plumbers? The problem many contractors run into is a lack of rapport with their marketing service. Many times, these services do not employ people familiar with the home service industry, and what the day to day operations actually entail. At Plumbing Webmasters, the opposite is true. We work with plumbers everyday, and know exactly how to market their services.

Are you a plumbing company that covers multiple service areas? If so, you should contact Plumbing Webmasters and ask about geo-targeting services. If maximizing your advertising dollars while generating new leads sounds appealing to you, then you shouldn’t wait much longer. We have advertising and marketing experts ready to take your call, and discuss how our techniques can be applied to your specific situation. Call (877) 388-9884 for geo-targeting services for plumbers.