KPI For Plumbing Websites

Every plumber knows they need a website. But oftentimes the challenge is assessing the performance of that website as it relates to lead generation. There’s many avenues plumbers use to get a website up for their business. Sometimes they hire a web design company who also performs search engine optimization (SEO) services. Other times they have a relative or family friend make the website for free. There’s even contractors who make a website on their own using DIY web development platforms like Wix, Weebly, or SquareSpace. Which route a plumber goes often depends on budget, knowledge of digital marketing and local competition. Whichever choice is made, is important that contractors can grade their site’s performance and adapt as needed to continue generating leads. This can be achieved by tracking KPI’s or Key Performance Indicators which we will discuss below.

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What is a KPI?

A Key Performance Indicator (KPI) is one or more metrics that are indicative of business success. In regards to a website, a KPI would predict the success or failure of a website. Strong KPI’s are quantifiable so that they can be precisely measured without ambiguity. Similarly, KPI’s that are aligned with a plumber’s overall business goals are most valuable.

How Google Recognizes & Rewards SEO Content for Plumbers

Best KPI’s for Plumbing Websites

For plumbers KPI’s should represent user actions. User behavioral metrics can be tracked and analyzed using Google Analytics which is a free tool provided by Google that can be installed on any website. Almost every successful website on the internet tracks behavior through Google Analytics and you should too. Here are some of the best KPI’s for plumbing company websites:

  • Event Tracking: The number of times a predetermined event (i.e. clicking a contact form) takes place
  • Goal Conversions: The number of times an event leads to a predetermined goal (i.e. a lead call)
  • Organic Clicks: The number of times an organic search clicks on your website result
  • Page Views: The number of times a unique visitor views your page

Although Google Analytics is a valuable tool plumbers still must use the metrics within the context of their overall business goals. For example, goal conversions cannot be confirmed unless a prospective customer reveals their action by calling your phone number from the website. Defining your own objectives and quantifying them through Google Analytics is key.

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Improving Website Performance Based on KPI’s

If your site’s performance is suffering based on KPI metrics it could be time to reassess your digital marketing campaign. For one, hiring a different web designer can be helpful. Ideally it is someone who understands search engine optimization and Google Analytics so that you can precisely measure performance going forward while also targeting specific keywords in your area. Plumbers using template websites may suffer from inferior metrics for reasons that are outside of their control. One such example of this is schema markup or lack thereof. Template websites usually lack the depth of schema code required to help Google parcel data which can become an indictment on the website’s rankability.

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Custom websites produce stronger online performance. Not only is there more schema markup within the codebase, but the code is “cleaner” and more conducive to the qualities Google favors like site speed, crawlability, etc. Plumbers are sometimes mislead into believing their existing website is custom when in fact it is a theme-based template that has been used on many other web pages throughout the internet. KPI’s can help lead plumbing contractors down the right path because monitoring performance is what often reveals whether or not it is the appropriate time to make a change. If you feel the time is now to invest in a custom website for your plumbing company, contact Plumbing Webmasters today.

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