Plumber Mobile Micro-Moments

Plumber Micro Moment

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Digital marketing in 2018 relies on mobile users and their devices. Google calls decisions made in this context; micro-moments. Plumbing companies across the nation should get ahead of the marketing curve this year by maximizing these moments. As Google describes it, there are 4 game changing moments that really matter:

  • I Want to Know Moments: Users exploring or researching, but not necessarily in “buy mode”
  • I Want to Go Moments: Users looking for a local business in their immediate area
  • I Want to Do Moments: Users wanting help completing a task or trying something new
  • I Want to Buy Moments: Users ready to buy right now

With modern technology, all of these moments translate into action almost immediately. Remember, users are on the go when they have these moments, and they have a comprehensive piece of technology in their fingertips to produce instantaneous results. Call (877) 388-9884 for plumber mobile micro-moments optimization.

How Plumbers Can Optimize Micro-Moments?

Mobile Micro Moment

Web Marketers Must Anticipate User Needs

During these moments, users expect results on the spot. Attention spans are exceedingly short, and time is of the essence for marketers. That’s why consumers are most attracted to brands that deliver results fast. So much so that the difference between you and a competitor can be seconds. According to Google, there are 3 ways to prepare:

  • Anticipation: Understand your audience’s needs beforehand
  • Accountability: Account for all kinds of devices, screens, channels, etc
  • Experience: Ensure the experience itself is a positive and relevant one

In the past 2 years local searches that included the words “near me” have increased by 150%. Similarly, nearly ⅔ of mobile users are more likely to choose a company that customizes content to specific locations. To put it in a plumbing context, users will only be interested in plumbing services within a certain radius, be it zip code, county, or otherwise.

The Plumbing Webmasters Advantage

Webmasters Discuss Plumber Mobile Micro MomentsMobile micro-moments are the cutting edge of internet marketing in 2018. Companies that win the moments will earn the most revenue this year. This is the time to invest in learning, anticipating, and ultimately capitalizing on micro-moments. Plumbing Webmasters offers internet marketing services to plumbers throughout the United States. We are ready to help you win the moments.

Other options for marketing exist for plumbers. But not many of them specialize specifically in the plumbing industry. The ones that do are not as ahead of the curve as our team at Plumbing Webmasters. We have years of experience working with plumbing contractors but are also at the forefront of marketing research to help give our clients an advantage over competitors. Call (877) 388-9884 for plumber micro-moments optimization.