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Plumbers must adapt their brands to modern SEO

As Google moves towards a more comprehensive, user-friendly, search platform, plumbing companies must develop their brand to meet the standards of trust, expertise, and authority. Branding in today’s internet marketing climate disperses into two primary components. First, plumbing contractors must provide content of value and expertise. Secondly, they must get people talking about them. These components work in unison to create a successful online brand.

The fastest way to build plumbing company branding is to make it stand out in some way. Maybe you offer a service that not many others offer, or perhaps, you serve an area that not too many others do. Either way, you must optimize your website for keywords. Long tail keywords that combine an industry keyword like “plumber” with a location keyword, can help define your niche as a brand. You must back up your unique keywords with quality content to evoke brand credibility.

How Branding Affects Online Presence

Plumber Branding Management

Branding your plumbing company across multiple platforms expands your brand recognition

Branding through website content, social media, and citation sources, all contribute to online presence. Plumbing contractors looking to increase visibility should attempt to brand their company through search engine optimization (SEO), logo design, and name, address, phone number (NAP) consistency. Below are some ways plumbing contractors can expand their brand:

  • Keyword Research: Use tools like Keyword Planner to find underutilized keywords in the plumbing industry
  • Logo Design/Placement: Replace or improve your current logo, and display it optimally across internet platforms
  • Online Directories: Be consistent with contact information, and logo uploads, throughout online directories like Google My Business, Yelp, BBB, Angie’s List, and HomeAdvisor
  • Social Media: Upload your logo, optimize your profile, and share engaging content, on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and others

Implementing these techniques can significantly enhance your brand recognition. The more times people see your name and logo, the more they will begin to store it in their memories. Similarly, the more places you make your presence felt throughout the internet, the further your brand recognition will extend.

Online Branding Channels for Plumbing Companies

Local Plumber Branding

Your brand logo and info should be consistent throughout the web

Once your plumbing company branding passes the stages of; a well-designed logo, accurate contact information, and core values, you can begin to disperse it throughout the web. Social media platforms, online directories, and company websites are all examples of places to implement your brand. Outside of your website, the most critical places to brand your company are:

  • Facebook: The top social media site in the world should, at the very least, list your brand and contact info
  • Google My Business: The foundation of local search results is invaluable for plumbing companies
  • Twitter: Plumbing contractors should be accessible on the platform known for up to the second information
  • Yelp: Your company’s trust is largely based on this popular non-Google review site
  • YouTube: Video content is becoming increasingly popular, and therefore beneficial for SEO

If you are a plumbing company overwhelmed by the state of internet marketing, save yourself the stress and contact Plumbing Webmasters. Our background in SEO services, combined with our working relationships with the plumbing industry make us the perfect match for your company. If you are interested in plumbing company branding, call us today at 877.388.9884