Why Plumbers Should Use Retargeting Ads

Marketers Review Research to Determine Best Retargeting Ads for Plumbers

Retargeting Ads allow plumbers to maximize leads

Plumbing companies who utilize retargeting Ads have a better chance of converting traffic into customers. Why is this the case? Because retargeting Ads target users who have already shown some level of interest in your plumbing services. These users have interacted with your plumbing company in some way, and are generally condensed into 3 categories:

  • Existing Customers: Contact information of current or former customers that is stored in your leads database
  • Potential Customers: Contact information from your database that you’ve acquired through other marketing and leads channels
  • Website Visitors: Anonymous users who have visited your website and retained cookies that are stored in their browser and can later be used for retargeting ads

Each of these user categories will be deployed for your retargeting Ads moving forward. The concept is to capitalize on leads that have yet to be fully maximized, rather than attempting to generate new leads through PPC or SEO marketing. The uniqueness of retargeting rests on its higher conversion potential for previously engaged users. Call 877.388.9884 for plumber retargeting Ads.

Retargeting Campaigns for Plumbing Contractors

Marketer Reviews Plumber Retargeting Ads Statistics

Both pixel and list Ad campaigns can be effective for plumbing contractors

There are two primary types of retargeting campaigns. They are pixel retargeting, and list retargeting. Below we will breakdown the characteristics of each campaign type, and help you determine how you can utilize one or both for your plumbing company. Consider the following qualities:

Pixel Retargeting

    • Most popular form of retargeting
    • Relies solely on website traffic
    • Targets anonymous website visitors
    • Uses cookies to target for behavior and interests

List Retargeting

  • Alternate form of retargeting
  • Relies on pre-obtained contact info (especially email)
  • Targets known customers and leads
  • Uses social media or email to target for behavior

There is no “right or wrong” version of retargeting Ads. With that said, list retargeting is only plausible if you have built up a substantial database of customers and leads. It is also important to note, that each campaign type, is not a “one or the other” proposition. Both types can be used simultaneously. Call 877.388.9884 for plumber retargeting Ads services.

Choosing a Platform for Retargeting Ads

Plumbing Webmasters Employees Looking at Social Media WebsitesPlumbing companies who have decided to invest in retargeting Ads must now decide which medium they will use to advertise. Many different alternatives exist when it comes to retargeting Ads. Plumbing contractors should review the following platform choices:

  • Ad Roll: This platform is an open-access dashboard that can target over 500 Ad exchanges
  • Perfect Audience: This platform serves as another dashboard — one that focuses primarily on social media retargeting Ads
  • Social Media (Direct): Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn can all be directly utilized for retargeting

Plumbing Webmasters will help your company determine the best platform for your retargeting campaign. Furthermore, we will develop your campaign so that it reaches a relevant audience with high conversion rate potential. Call 877.388.9884 to setup your plumber retargeting Ads campaign.