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Research Indicates Retarageting is Succesful

Plumbing companies looking to convert website traffic into customers should utilize a method of advertising known as retargeting. Ad retargeting allows plumbers to continue marketing their services to users AFTER they exit your website. This is advantageous for a variety of reasons, most prominently because the user has already displayed some level of interest in your services by navigating to your site in the first place. Advantages of this technique include:

  • Brand Recall: Seeing your company logo multiple times increases trust
  • Higher Engagement: Users that have showed previous interest engage at higher rates
  • Increased Conversion Rate: This methodology yields higher conversion rates

To deconstruct the concept of retargeting, we must operate under the supposition that a website visitor is a lead. This line of thinking can be more reliably endorsed if your website is properly optimized to attract relevant traffic. If it is, it’s fairly safe to assume that visitors are looking for services that you offer. With that assumption, finding ways to maximize those leads should be a top priority for businesses. For ad retargeting services, call DFW SEO at (877) 388-9884.

Types Of Retargeting Campaigns for Plumbers

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Pixel Retargeting Is The Most Common Form

Retargeting campaigns can be separated into two categories; pixel retargeting, and list retargeting. Below, Plumbing Webmasters will outline the characteristics of each campaign type, and help contractors determine how to best utilize one or both within a greater internet marketing strategy. Plumbing Webmasters includes ad retargeting in our internet marketing services. See the categories below:

Pixel Retargeting

  • Most popular form of retargeting
  • Relies solely on website traffic
  • Targets anonymous website visitors
  • Uses cookies to target for behavior and interests

List Retargeting

  • Alternate form of retargeting
  • Relies on pre-obtained contact info (especially email)
  • Targets known customers and leads
  • Uses social media or email to target for behavior

List retargeting is less common because it relies on a pre-established database of contact information. New companies, or companies without records, will not have the luxury of list retargeting. Pixel retargeting, in contrast, is a method that any company can use. It relies 100% on website traffic, and uses cookies to follow visitors after they exit. Needles to say, this can help convert more leads into customers, a point we’ve already detailed.

Choosing a Platform for Retargeting Ads

Plumbing Webmasters Employees Looking at Social Media WebsitesPlumbers looking to invest in ad retargeting must decide through which medium they will advertise. Various options exist when it comes to advertising campaigns. Ad Roll, Perfect Audience, and SiteScout are three popular names in the marketplace. Additionally, many of the most prominent social media platforms offer retargeted ads, most notably; Facebook and Twitter.

For plumbers new to internet marketing, are ones that simply don’t have the time to invest into advertising, Plumbing Webmasters can be a valuable resource moving forward. By partnering with us for your internet marketing campaign, you not only ensure the proper usage of ad retargeting, but also other important activities like website design, search engine optimization, and pay per click advertising. To learn more about our services, call us today at (877) 388-9884.