Retargeting Ads for Plumbers

Plumbers trying to convert website traffic into paying customers should utilize an advertising method known as retargeting. Ad retargeting allows plumbers to market to website visitors after they exit. Ads for your plumbing services will be shown to users as they browse other websites, social media profiles, etc. You might wonder how this is even possible. The user’s web browser stores cookies to identify which websites they’ve visited — which can then be leveraged as part of a remarketing campaign. Advantages of using this technique include:

  • Brand Recall: Seeing your company logo multiple times increases trust
  • Higher Engagement: Users that have showed previous interest engage at higher rates
  • Increased Conversion Rate: This methodology yields higher conversion rates

When plumbers advertise to everyone there’s a low percentage who will actually show interest. Why? Because as a plumbing company, you have cast such a wide net. This kind of advertising is not cost-efficient. The dollars spent on empty impressions end up sucking your budget and wasting valuable resources. Retargeting eliminates much of this inefficiency by targeting individuals who have already demonstrated interest in your services by initially visiting your website.

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Types Of Retargeting Campaigns for Plumbers

Retargeting campaigns are primarily broken down into two categories; pixel retargeting and list retargeting. Plumbing Webmasters outlines the characteristics of each below to help contractors determine which is best suited for their marketing goals in 2020. Sometimes using both variations of campaign can be a worthwhile endeavor for plumbing companies who are serious about growing their business in the coming year.

Pixel Retargeting

  • Most popular form of retargeting
  • Relies solely on website traffic
  • Targets anonymous website visitors
  • Uses cookies to target for behavior and interests

List Retargeting

  • Alternate form of retargeting
  • Relies on pre-obtained contact info (especially email)
  • Targets known customers and leads
  • Uses social media or email to target for behavior

It should be noted that list retargeting requires a pre-existing contact database. Plumbing companies who have not compiled such information in the past or those that have just recently started out will have to rely on the more common form of retargeting which is pixel retargeting. Anyone can use this method because it relies 100% on web traffic and uses cookies to follow visitors after they exit. Retargeting is growing in popularity for plumbers as its success in lead conversion has made people take notice..

Choosing a Platform for Retargeting Ads

Once plumbers make the decision to invest in retargeting ads they must choose the best platform through which to advertise. There is no shortage of options on this front. From Ad Roll to Perfect Audience there are plenty of platforms geared towards this promotional method. Perhaps the most popular choice for retargeting however is Facebook. The popular social media network allows plumbers to target past website visitors through FB ads.

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Source: Facebook

The average internet user checks Facebook 15 times per day. Imagine how many times they might see your advertisement for plumbing services in a 24 hour period? Now this might not have a major impact under normal circumstances but since the user has already visited your website on their own, it is already clear that they are in the market for a plumber. At some point, your advertisement begins to work on their subconscious and you become an obvious choice when they finally make the decision.

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