Google Developers & Structured Data for Plumbers

What is Structured Data For Plumbers?

structured data for plumbers

Structured data is an essential asset to your plumbing company website!

When it comes to optimizing your website online, it makes sense to use every tool available to you. Here at the Plumbing Webmasters, we are shocked time and time again by how few websites are utilizing structured data. Structured data is an essential part of plumber SEO, and refers to data that is organized in a way that makes it easy for websites to find and catalog. When the information is easier for search engines to find, and catalog, it can be ranked accordingly in search engine results. Structured data is often written in conjunction with a vocabulary known as is a vocabulary that has been accepted by search engines such as Google, and the algorithms can easily recognize and rank data structured data using

By using structured data with, you are helping major search engines such as Google read, evaluate, and rank your page accordingly. Because properly done structured data allows search engines to more accurately evaluate your page content, pages featuring structured data are typically favored with higher search engine rankings. Additionally, using structured data opens your website up to the SEO goldmine of rich snippets for plumbers. Rich snippets allow search engines to display your structured data on the search engine result page in a clear and concise way for potential clients to read. For example, when you list the services your plumbing company provides on your website’s services page, you should use structured data to display those services. Then, when your potential clients look for local plumbers in your area, Google can display your plumbing company home page, with the services listed below, right there on the search engine result page. Internet users also favor properly structured data, as it enhances user experience.

At the webmasters, we offer a variety of services, from website design, to content creation, to social media management. We always include structured data in our content creation, and with expert coding on the part of our designers, we also make the structured data incredibly pleasing to the eye. Implementing structured data for plumbers is only one of the ways we increase your rankings on search engines, but it is an under-utilized and important ranking factor. Call us today to see how we can help you outrank your competitors with the use of structured data. We also offer free competitor website evaluation, so you can find out what tools they are using that you aren’t. Our business is designed to help your business succeed. Call us today to get started, at 877.388.9884!

Different Types of Structured Data For Plumbers

As we mentioned before, there are many ways structured data can improve your local plumbing company website’s ranking on Google. However, there are many different types of structured data to explore, and is very specific in how it’s resources are to be used. Below, we have listed several of the types of structured data types we offer to plumbers.

  • WordPress Schema for Plumbers
  • Video Object Schema for Plumbers
  • CreativeWork Schema for Plumbers
  • Plumbing Company Aggregate Ratings Schema
  • Plumber Address & Locality Schema
  • Plumber Local Business Schema Category

Each of these types, while very different, have the main vocabulary in common. Why is this? Well, the vocabulary was created by a collaborative community made up of web professionals from companies such as Google, Microsoft, Yahoo!, and more. The steering group of this community creates the vocabulary to allow for a better user experience online. Google prefers this vocabulary over others, and also has made it known that they prefer it to be used only with Microdata.

plumber schema lists

Utilizing structured data can lead to increased plumber ranking and conversion rates!

Structured data is often underutilized due to its complex nature, to the average at-home web developer. However, with a company like the Plumbing Webmasters assisting you, you do not need to worry about any stones being left un-turned. We pride ourselves in our dedication to utilize every tool at our disposals to increase the rankings, conversion rates, and visibility of our plumber clients. If you want your plumbing company website to dominate results online, it’s time to get started with plumber SEO. Our expert webmasters will happily help you explore every available option when it comes to beating your competition, we have years of experience

working with local plumbing companies like yours, so we understand the market, and we know how to appeal to potential plumbing clients. Call us today for your free evaluation, and to get started with your plumber SEO. With our program, you will see long term results that will have a positive impact on your business.

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