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Plumbing contractors should market to each location

Plumbing contractors tend to face a bit of a quandary when deciding in which locations to market their services. The predicament stems from the desire to expand geographical reach while balancing logistic practicality. In other words, plumbing companies want to follow the market trends without overextending themselves. At Plumbing Webmasters, we design your website with a plumber AreaServed schema page which allows you to rank for specific locations you wish to service.

As Google becomes a more comprehensive search tool, the use of location data increases exponentially. Users searching for “plumbing services in area” will be brought to local companies that list location service areas from their website along with well-optimized NAP information. Location distance can play a factor in mobile search results, meaning unless you optimize for each area, you may be losing out on potential customers.

How Plumbing Contractors Can Define Their Service Market

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Analytics help us determine the best, underutilized service location markets

While plumbing contractors are very aware of the areas they service, determining which ones to market to can be a guessing game. Luckily, through the use of analytics, Plumbing Webmasters can help local businesses best market their services to specific locations. Some of the factors to consider when choosing service locations are:

  • Competition: Analytics can provide us information as to which areas have the most competition, and the least
  • Expansion: Well calculated brand expansion to surrounding areas can help grow your plumbing company
  • Opportunity: Again, numbers can show us areas that might have a higher demand than supply
  • Radius: Expansion is great, but contractors must ensure each location is a practical target in terms of driving distance

Plumber AreaServed schema pages help generate a variety of traffic from varying locations. Optimizing your website for only one city or town can cost you a chance to grow and expand your business. With the continual increase in mobile searches, users are going to want information fast. If you don’t market to potential customers in surrounding areas, your competition will.

How Many Areas Should Plumbing Companies Market to?

Areas ServedAnalytics will help plumbing companies determine how many areas to target. Generally, plumbing contractors should target their main city and areas within a 15-25 mile radius. This can include counties, cities, or towns. The place you target as your main city will depend on its competition level, opportunity, as well as your company’s preexisting authority in said location.

Branding is another component to consider when determining service areas. Do you want your brand to be a mainstay in a certain city? Plumbing Webmasters can help you expand your businesses through the use of AreaServed schema. We design websites for local plumbing contractors in order to help them generate leads through online search engines like Google and eventually grow in popularity and market reach. To discuss plumber AreaServed schema, give us a call at 877.388.9884