Plumber Service Offered Schema

Plumber Service Scehma

Service pages can rank for less competitive keywords

There are many different types of data that plumbing contractors can markup. One of the best implementations of structured data markup is for services offered. Plumber service offered schema helps contractors present individual plumbing services to interested search engine users. When Google understands your specific services, it can better market you to its users and create niche traffic with the potential for sales conversions.

Plumbing companies should consider the impact of individual service marketing. Residential and commercial might be two major service categories, while faucet repair, and shower repair might be subcategories of one or both of the major ones. When Google can comprehend your site structure as a hierarchy: Plumbing Company – Residential Services – Faucet Repair, it can generate relevant traffic to your website.

How Specific Should Plumber Services be?

Plumber Schema Input

Service schema should breakdown plumbing services by category

The specificity of your services will depend on the size of your company and what you would like to market for. Generally, plumbing contractors should offer residential services, commercial services, or both, as their main service pages. From that point, more specific pages like toilet replacement, faucet repair, main line leak, etc. should be introduced as sub pages to the main categories. Here is an example of a good service hierarchy:

  • Main Pages: Your home, contact, and about pages are considered main pages, with the home page including schema for services offered
  • Parent Pages: The top level of your service pages including residential or commercial, or both
  • Sub/Child Pages: The subcategories of your services where you can optimize for more niche keywords

Following a cognitive hierarchy allows Google to properly market your website. Furthermore, it allows users to have a better understanding of your site’s content. Understanding leads to relevant traffic and eventually a higher click through rate and a lower bounce rate. Plumber service offered schema also helps you diversify your keyword ranking strategy. If the competition for major plumbing keywords keeps you from the top, perhaps you can rank on many of your sub pages.

Is there a Service Limit for Plumbing Companies?

Services SchemaPlumbing Webmasters does not limit the amount of services you can offer. While we will make recommendations about what we feel best suits your marketing campaign, we will never force you to compromise. Using WordPress content management system (CMS), we can generate a wide range of websites, from small, to very large. We will work with you to determine what kind of website best suits your marketing needs.

It’s important for plumbing companies to make good marketing investments. By measuring the ROI of your investments, you can determine whether or not it’s time for a new marketing strategy. If you find that you’re not generating enough leads online, schema can help you market individual services to interested users. For plumber service offered schema, call us now at 877.388.9884