JavaScript for Plumbing Websites

What is JavaScript?

JavaScript is a programming language used by web designers to add dynamic functions to websites. This means that when the user of a website completes a predetermined action, an effect is presented through JavaScript. For instance, a “Read More” button uses this code to reveal more content when pressed. This type of programming reduces load times while still allowing the correct code to be indexed by Google.

JavaScript for Plumbers

JavaScript can Enhance Your User Interface

Inserting JavaScript into your plumbing website helps Google to index information that isn’t currently being seen on the screen. It also reduces load times by preventing the page from needing to be refreshed when an action is completed. You’ve probably noticed that some plumbing websites have interactive graphics or scrolling video. This is accomplished through the use of JavaScript. Other uses include:

  • 3d Graphics: Elements of UX that appear as 3D
  • Animation: Dynamic header changes with various images
  • Cookies: Placed in the browser of website visitors so that you can retarget ads
  • Forms: Embedded contact forms that can be submitted securely

Any time a web page is not static, JavaScript is most likely part of the source code. JavaScript becomes particularly useful when dealing with both interactive and rich media. This helps give your website a more visually appealing interface that is likely to decrease bounce rates and other negative metrics. To discuss how JavaScript can be incorporated on your plumbing website, call (877) 388-9884.

API’s and JavaScript

The true potential of JavaScript is revealed when it is combined with Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). These are pre-made blocks of coding that allow web designers to incorporate programming that would normally be very difficult or impossible to implement. Some examples of API’s include:

  • Audio / Video API: Can auto-play video or audio as soon as a user visits your website
  • DOM: The Document Object Model (DOM) is responsible for popups and other dynamic content
  • Geolocation API: If you’ve ever wondered how a website’s map can tell your exact distance, this is how
  • Twitter API: Displays recent tweets right in your website footer or sidebar
Implementing JavaScript on Plumbing Website

API’s are Pre-Made Blocks of Code Designed to Enhance Your Plumbing Company Website

As you might imagine these API’s can really add life to your website. With the competitive marketing landscape of 2020, it is important for your website to continue to evolve. Now you might be thinking, do I need all this on a plumbing website? The answer lies in your conversion rate. Anything that can help generate plumbing leads is useful for your marketing strategy.

Do I Need a Professional to Implement JavaScript?

JavaScript is a programming language, and if you don’t speak it, it’s going to be very difficult to understand. Plumbing Webmasters has a team of web designers that are experienced in the code language needed to create a visually appealing website. We’ll do whatever it takes to encourage more leads.

JavaScript for Plumbers

Part of the appeal of Plumbing Webmasters is that we work directly with plumbing contractors across the nation. You won’t feel like you’re talking to someone who has no knowledge of your industry. We know what it takes to market plumbing services in your local service area. To further discuss JavaScript for plumbing sites and how it can enhance its user experience, give us a call today at (877) 388-9884.