Responsive Design for Plumbing Companies

meeting with mobile devicesPeople are becoming increasingly mobile. With the rise of the smartphone and tablets, people perform a lot of their searches while on the go. And when a sink is overflowing or a pipe leaking, a potential client will likely turn to a mobile device to search for a local plumber. You want to be the plumber who is found. But not only do you want to be found, you want people to stick around on your site long enough to find your number and give you a call.

That is why a responsive design for plumbing sites is incredibly important. A responsive website is easily viewed on any mobile device. This translates into more phone calls and more business for you! Ask us about our responsive design services, part of our SEO package.

Responsive vs. Mobile

tablet useYou may have heard of mobile sites before. These are secondary sites companies previously created that were designed just for mobile devices. However, these sites contain less content and do not optimize well. Google now favors what is called a responsive design.

Responsive websites literally respond to the size of screen they are being viewed on. Every single site we create is designed with a responsive element. This means when someone searches for a plumber in your area on their phone and opens your site, they will be able to easily navigate your site and find important information.

It also means Google will favor your site because it is responsive. The goal of search engines is to send their users to a website that is user-friendly, packed full of useful information and easy to navigate. Imagine opening a site on your phone that is tiny, hard to read and impossible to navigate. As you try to zoom in and click on the wrong things, you will become frustrated and move on to a different site. Don’t let your potential clients experience that with your site.

Talk to us at Plumbing Webmasters about our responsive design for plumbing sites. Your new responsive website will be sure to dominate online in your local market for dozens of keywords. Don’t wait, call today at (877) 388-9884.