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13 (Useful + Innovative) Plumbing Advertising Ideas for 2022

What is Plumbing Advertising?

Plumbing advertising is the production of advertisements for commercial or residential plumbing services or products. An ad is a promotional notice or announcement in a public forum. In 2022, advertising can encompass a wide array of promotional materials, including PPC ads, website banners, and Google Profile posts. 

Plumbing Advertising Ideas

1) Google Ads

Once known as Google AdWords, the now named Google Ads is still one of the most effective ways to advertise your plumbing business online. Because it can be expensive and requires a level of expertise to maximize correctly, some have grown frustrated with it as a platform. Still, adequately targeted ad campaigns with an eye towards demographics, budgeting, and ROI can help plumbers win big with Google Ads. Depending on what city you are looking to target for plumbing jobs, Google Ads may be less expensive than you think. In any case, make sure you hire a Google Ads certified manager.

Google Search Plumbing Ads

2) Facebook Ads

An estimated 63% of American adults use Facebook. With so many users online, the $10,000 businesses spend on ads each year makes sense. While plumbers shouldn’t spend nearly that much, strategic Facebook advertising can produce substantial ROI in 2022. Similar to Google Ads, competent Facebook advertising results in significant gains for plumbers. Partnering with an advertising expert can help separate your company from competitors who are generally throwing stuff at the wall to see what sticks.  

Facebook Mobile View
News Feed Ads are the Most Popular Style on Facebook Mobile.

3) YouTube Ads

Like Google and Facebook Ads, YouTube ads can target specific demographics. As the number one platform for streaming video, YouTube is unsurprisingly a highly frequented domain. Investing in plumbing ads on YouTube can ensure that video watchers in your target area see your company promotions on relevant videos. While the ROI is typically less significant than that gained through Facebook and Google, it is still enough to pursue the venture with open eyes. What can enhance your ability to advertise on YouTube is by creating a video channel for your brand and even posting video content. 

Display Ad on YouTube

4) NextDoor Ads

NextDoor is a popular community platform for neighbors to discuss service providers, among other things. Infiltrating a community-based social scene can pay dividends for plumbers. NextDoor offers simple advertising measures to select specific neighborhoods. The platform provides ad building tools along with an Insights Dashboard to help plumbers and their marketing teams track performance in 2022.

5) Facebook Pixel Tracking

Americans spend more time on Facebook than they do eating. Most U.S. residents check Facebook 15 times per day on average. Facebook pixel tracking allows your website to advertise to users who’ve already visited your site as they browse Facebook. Cookies are stored in their browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.) when they visit your domain and follow them to their favorite social media platform. Pixel tracking typically improves conversion rates from around 3% to about 15%. Best of all, pixel tracking is relatively inexpensive but highly effective.

6) Google Remarketing Ads

Like Facebook, Google allows advertisers to track and then follow visitors off their website. Remarketing ads from Google are the same fundamental concept as Facebook pixel tracking and are even less expensive. Why? Because Google doesn’t charge a fee until the remarketed ad gets clicked on. Remarketed ads appear on all kinds of platforms in Google’s display network. It could be anything from Accuweather to a tutorial blog post. Let’s say that a potential customer thinks they can fix the plumbing job themself, but then finds your ad on the how-to manual. They might reconsider.

7) Search Engine Optimization

Plumbers often think of SEO as separate from advertising methods like PPC. While search engine optimization is a vastly different strategy, its ultimate goal is promotional. Ranking on organic search results is an advertising form that requires expertise and know-how. Plumber SEO provides tremendous long-term results for plumbing companies and costs far less than a PPC campaign.

The Webmasters Showing Up as a Top SEO Service Company
It’s Smart to Examine Multiple Top Companies, Including Their Reviews, Pricing, and Included Services.

8) Plumbing Websites

Nothing provides better long-term promotion than plumbing websites. Web design is essential for conversion and personalization since campaigns don’t end until a visitor converts into a customer. Design goes a long way towards making that happen. From a clean codebase and pertinent calls to action, design elements can close the deal on behalf of plumbing companies. Web design also ties in with SEO to help generate more leads, which makes it even more potent from an advertising standpoint. Aesthetics are a big part of trust-building, so make sure your website is visually appealing.

Website Service Page Example

9) Content Marketing

Promoting plumbing services is not possible without quality content. Plumbers can market content on a multitude of different platforms and in various mediums. For example, videos are content but so are blog posts and service pages. Google lists their quality guidelines and calls for unique, valuable, and engaging content to separate your website from others. Prospective clients are not looking for a novel about pipe repair, but they would like to know the specifics about why your services are worth something to them and how they display proper convenience. 

Quality content is engaging, unique, and valuable.
Visual aesthetics can improve your content quality.

10) Google Business Profile (Local Map Pack)

Your Google Business Profile is your most important citation and essentially serves as your Google homepage. It is as close to as valuable as your primary website as any other branded web entity. For this reason, the GBP listing should be completely optimized. Be sure to include original images, Google posts, and Q & A sections with informative answers. Don’t forget about hours of operation. When customers leave reviews, be sure to respond to these reviews and do so professionally. Potential clients will want to see that you take a complaint seriously.

Plumber Google My Business Listing

11) Business Citations

Plumbers can list their business on several directories throughout the internet. These listings are known as NAP citations and should include important information like company name, address, and phone number. Google scans this info in the aggregate, meaning consistency and uniformity are essential. Sure, you can also get calls off of these listings, but their real impact for promotion is that they collectively drive up your brand recognition and improve search rank. Yelp, HomeAdvisor, and Angie’s List are three of the most important for plumbing companies.

Off Site Citation Example

12) Podcasts

Plumbers can advertise through podcast episodes. You might think of podcasting as something for celebrities, but that is not the case. Many “regular” people start podcasts and generate a significant following. The reality is that consumers want to be able to relate to the podcast host. People interested in plumbing will be interested in episodes about specific plumbing services. These podcasts can also improve your web presence, social media signals, and overall SEO. Scope inspections make for an excellent topic to discuss, either through podcast or video.

Alternative Review Signals Plumbing Podcast Cover

 13) Local Services Ads

Local Services Ads allow plumbers to advertise on Google’s Local Map Pack, separately from the organic algorithm. LSAs are pay per lead instead of pay per click, meaning plumbers don’t get charged for each click. In addition to local search results, LSA ads also command voice searches. Any plumber hoping to invest in Local Services Ads must sign up for Google Guaranteed which performs background and insurance checks.

Best Advertising for Plumbers

At HVAC-Plumber SEO Webmasters, creating an effective plumber ad is what we do best. With decades worth of experience and data, our system helps create high-quality plumbing leads for contractors throughout the United States. Our in-house Local SEO software helps plumbers manage their reputation and rank throughout multiple cities in their service areas. We hope to work with your plumbing company in 2022 and beyond.

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How User Intent Impacts Your Plumbing Blog

At Plumbing Webmasters, we’ve discussed the importance of good, meaningful content for plumbers. Whether it’s a homepage, service page, blog post, content can determine where you rank on search results. However, when publishing plumbing blog topics, it is also vital to consider user intent.

What is User Intent?

User intent refers to a search engine user’s intention when submitting a query. So, for instance, if a user searches for plumbing, we can’t know whether they intend to find plumbing services, its definition, or basic facts about plumbing. But, conversely, if a user searches for plumbing repair services in Dallas, TX, we know their precise intention.

User Intent Example

How User Intent Impacts Search Results

As the top search engine globally, Google aims to deliver the most desirable results to its users. With this in mind, Google’s algorithm attempts to detect the intention of every search query. As we stated above, some terms are easier to determine than others, but Google uses various data points to help pinpoint user intent.

As a plumbing website, it is your job to produce content that meets every possible user intent for your target audience. For example, some of your future customers may search for slab leak repair services, while others may search for a more general phrase like plumber near me. Therefore, websites that can meet the most kinds of user intent will generate the most traffic.

Types of User Intent for Plumbing Customers

As an SEO specialist or website administrator, you can break down user intents into different categories. From there, you can target the users most likely to convert into paying customers while supplementing those top-of-the-funnel prospects with secondary users. First, let’s examine the different kinds of user intent for search users:

Informational Intent: A user seeking information about a subject (i.e., broken water pipe outside house)

Navigational Intent: A user trying to find contact information about a specific plumbing company (i.e., jimbob’s plumbing contact us)

Transactional Intent: A user seeking services and willing to invest money immediately (i.e., plumbing repair services in dallas)

As a local plumbing company, transactional intent queries are the most valuable. Users conducting these searches are ready to invest in plumbing services today, and your company can be the beneficiary. Conversely, information intent queries are typically users seeking additional information and are not yet in the buying stage. While this traffic can still hold value for future sales, they are not as immediately beneficial to your business.

User Intent Infographic

Optimizing Your Blog for Informational Intent

For well-designed plumbing websites, service pages should meet transactional intent and convert most of your visitors who intend to buy your services. But why limit your traffic to users who are ready to buy when you can also reach users who may be prepared to buy in the future? With this in mind, plumbing blog posts are great for bringing in future customers seeking information about plumbing. Consider some of the following blog post topics:

What To Do When Your Water Pipe Bursts? (Tips & Examples)

How Much Do Typical Plumbing Services Cost in Dallas, TX?

How To Tell If Water Damage Is New Or Old? (With Examples)

7 Toilet Flush Problems That Indicate Severe Plumbing Damage

Aside from getting more traffic to your website and appealing to potential customers, your informational blog posts can also strengthen your services page. For example, linking a blog post about burst pipes to your pipe repair service page is a great way to rank higher for the service page. Informational content typically garners more external links than service pages, so the link equity acquired from the blog post transfers to the service page, thus improving its ranking.

Leveraging User Intent in Your Plumbing Sales Funnel

If you think about your sales funnel with prospective customers at the top and information seekers at the bottom, you can better understand how to move people to subsequent sales process stages. For example, a user searching for signs of a bad sewer line won’t buy today, but they may eventually buy your services. 

One way to increase your chances is by including lead magnets in your blog posts. A lead magnet is like a value proposition that offers users something in exchange for their contact information. From there, you can remarket the user through email marketing and provide discounts and coupons, further enticing the person to keep your company in mind.