The Top 50 Most Searched Keywords

Better Plumber SEO with The 50 Most Searched Keywords for Plumbing CompaniesIn order to get to the top of the search engines and have better SEO for plumbers, it’s important to have the best keywords. The keywords that we use throughout our websites, helps us rank better in local search engines and provides us with better online visibility, increased customer traffic, and more sales leads. While it might seem okay to just put a couple of keywords up and call it a day, the truth is, your competitors are implementing SEO keyword research into their Plumber SEO and marketing strategies. It is crucial to invest in keyword research to guarantee you beat our your plumbing company competitors. The Plumbing Webmasters have years of online marketing and advertising experience, incorporating SEO techniques like keyword research so your plumbing company website has better search engine ranking. While we offer keyword strategy and research services to increase plumber SEO, we want our plumbing company clients to know what keywords are the best and what will get them to the top of the search engines. The online keyword ranking and top fifty most searched keywords for plumbing companies are:

  1. Plumber- 65,000
  2. Plumbing- 40,500
  3. Electric water heater-18,100
  4. Toilet repair-12,100
  5. Gas water heater-12,100
  6. Water heater repair-9,900
  7. Plumbing services- 6,600
  8. Garbage disposal repair-6,600
  9. Tankless water heaters-6,600
  10. Drain cleaning-5,400
  11. Leak detection-4,400
  12. Water pressure-4,400
  13. Water heater installation-4,400
  14. Emergency plumber-3,600
  15. Sump pump installation-3,600
  16. Clogged drain-3,600
  17. Garbage disposal installation-2,900
  18. Leaky faucet-2,900
  19. Plumbing repair- 2,400
  20. Toilet installation-2,400
  21. Clogged sink-2,400
  22. Emergency plumbing-1,900
  23. Plumbing company-1,600
  24. Commercial plumbing-1,600
  25. Plumbing contractors-1,600
  26. Sewer pipe-1,600
  27. Backup sump pump-1,600
  28. Plumbing service-1,300
  29. Boiler repair-1,600
  30. Faucet repair-1,300
  31. Slab leak-1,300
  32. Sump pump repair-1,000
  33. Sewer service-1,000
  34. Gas line installation-1,000
  35. Licensed plumber-880
  36. Toilet replacement-880
  37. Gas line repair-880
  38. Water line repair-720
  39. Pipe repair-720
  40. Slab leak detection-590
  41. Slab leak repair-480
  42. Emergency plumbing service-480
  43. Leak detection services-480
  44. Plumber service-480
  45. Commercial plumber-480
  46. Residential plumber-480
  47. repiping-480
  48. Residential plumbing- 390
  49. 24 hour plumbing service-390
  50. Faucet installation-390

When you have knowledge on what keywords will be most vital to the success of your plumbing contractor SEO, results in the search engines. The Plumbing Webmasters are here for you when you need a professional search engine optimization company to take care of your plumbing SEO.

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