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Plumbing Case Studies

Get familiar with our SEO results by analyzing our client case studies. These studies are for real clients who enjoyed real success online with SEO, digital marketing, and more. Our team crafts custom campaigns for each client and measures results using a variety of tools including Google Analytics and Google Search Console. Decades of data from working with hundreds of plumbing companies allows us to continuously improve our SEO process in 2022.

What are Case Studies?

Sometimes a subject is just too complicated to explain by itself. That’s why many of our most valuable life lessons are expressed through stories. Case studies are simply real life stories centered on a particular industry. They rely on a mixture of narrative and analytical data to communicate a very important lesson (or several).

The Purpose of Marketing Case Studies

Marketing case studies provide valuable insights into the world of advertising, branding, sales, and other related topics. Most focus on real life situations where a business faced a particular challenge, then developed a clever strategy to overcome it. You’ll see situations like these:

  • A plumber struggles to find a competent marketing agency, then they change tactics.
  • A company lags behind in sales for years, until they try a new marketing channel.
  • A marketing company takes on a frustrated client, and radically grows their business.

There are so many sides to the marketing industry, that a case study could fly in practically any direction! Their ultimate purpose however, is to provide insight into how to grow your business and avoid costly mistakes. 

How to Take Advantage of Marketing Case Studies

First, try to understand the context behind a particular story. Establish the industry, the size of the company (or companies) involved, and any other crucial players in the study. How closely does the business relate to yours? Marketing case studies based on a cupcake stand in San Diego will be harder to glean practical information from for a plumber in New York City.

Example of a Client That Might Be in Marketing Case Studies

Make Sure the Company in the Study Relates to Your Industry.

Next, read the purpose of the case study. A well-crafted article should state this almost immediately. “This Texas plumbing company used a special advertising tactic to grow its client base by 400%.” This hypothetical summary would suggest the study focuses on advertising and accumulating clients. 

Read quickly through the study once, and see how closely it relates to your business. If you discover some exciting ideas, carefully go back through the article and document the process the company took to find their success. Start thinking about how your business could adapt this strategy to grow!

How to Read a Case Study (Summary)

  1. #1. Read the Story Context.
  2. #2. Establish the Case Study Purpose.
  3. #3. Complete a Quick First Read-through.
  4. #4. Determine if the Lesson Fits Your Business.
  5. #5. Read Again and Document the Process.
  6. #6. Adapt the Lesson for Your Company!

Webmasters Case Study Design

When it comes to our marketing case studies at Plumbing Webmasters, we lean towards practical application over extensive numerical analysis. Simply put: we prefer to focus on stories that you can easily learn from. Don’t get us wrong! We show analytical data from our research to back up the lessons we’ve extracted for your benefit. 

You’ll find stories on all sorts of marketing and business related topics! Some of our most frequent topics we cover are…

  • Organic Search
  • Paid Search Campaigns (PPC)
  • Local Search Marketing
  • Citation Solutions
  • Reviews and Reputation Management
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Web Design
  • Digital Marketing Companies

These case studies occasionally dig into more complicated topics. If you find yourself wondering what a particular term means, you can always consult with a professional at Plumbing Webmasters. There’s also a fantastic glossary of search terms from Moz that covers many of the terms we’ll talk about.

Our Stories

Lessons from Real Plumbing Contractors

Let’s face it. Plumbing contractors work in a demanding industry! The marketing landscape has changed so extensively and frequently within the last ten years, that it can be hard to keep up. That’s where our marketing case studies come into play.

These stories provide invaluable perspective into the challenges and triumphs of businesses just like yours! Want to skip years of frustratingly low returns and wasted effort? Listen to the tales of loss. Eager to accelerate your company growth with more focused tactics? See what the industry champions have to say about their strategies.

Data Collection

How We Collect Data

Our data comes from a variety of resources. You’ll see findings from the Pew Research Center. For instance, did you know the average US household has actually grown for the first time in more than 160 years? We also work extensively with Google data tools like Analytics and Search Console. Finally, we glean valuable insights from marketing industry experts, such as Moz, Search Engine Journal, and Search Engine Land.

For all the data woven into our stories, we do our best to provide context and explanations for any complicated terminology. That way, you don’t have to go off to study every time we quote a statistic! Who has the time for that?

Understanding Us

A Closer Look at Our Services

One of the reasons we provide marketing case studies is to better showcase the real world applications for our services. That’s why most of our stories will have our services subtly woven into the narrative. These subjects really matter to our team and our clients, which is why we’ve taken the time to tell them in the first place.

On that note, if you find a story that closely links to a situation your business is experiencing, don’t hesitate to give us a call! We love working with hardworking plumbers who are eager to grow, and our team has extensive experience in the search marketing industry.

The Plumbing Webmasters

What sort of challenges does your company face today? We’d love to help if we can! The team at Plumbing Webmasters works with hundreds of businesses across the United States. We provide custom website design for outstanding SEO! Our plumbers enjoy page one rankings for all sorts of keywords, earning higher traffic, better leads, and more revenue.