Content Marketing for Plumbers

What Makes a Good Homepage for Plumbers?

What makes a good homepage for plumbers?

What makes a good homepage for plumbers?

Your plumbing company website is a window to your business. Your homepage is typically the longest page on your website, and it is a great platform to connect with you customers, and display your main services. So what makes a good homepage for plumbing contractors? This page is where content marketing for plumbers really begins. Your homepage is an ideal spot to add structured data. Search engines love structured data because it makes it easier to read and sort your site. Your homepage should list your main services within the structured data. Continue on to add photos and any sort of accreditation and licenses you are proud to have on your homepage. Use your homepage to show clients that you are an authority in plumbing.

Your clients will treat your homepage as a map, and starting point to many of your service pages. For best results, your page should be responsive, well-designed, and user friendly. When it comes to your other pages, you will want to make sure they are specific to the page title. While on the homepage you can talk about many things, it is better to stay focused on one service per page throughout the rest of your site. That way, after using your homepage as a map of sorts, your clients can easily find the exact information they are looking for. With strategically placed internal links within your service pages, you can create a path for your clients to follow through the links. The more information your clients can find on your site with ease, the less likely they are to leave your site.

Is Content Really King?

content is king for plumber seoYou have heard many times how ‘content is king,’ from marketers everywhere. Does this only mean website content? Not at all. Content is any material you utilize that communicates a message to the audience. Content includes images, links, graphs, and words used on your website. This means that SEO cannot exist without content, so yes, content is king. However, content without context is useless. Without quality content, directed at conversion rates, marketing as a whole would be rather empty. Utilizing quality content is the best way to market your plumbing company online, and the best way to implement SEO.

Content Creation For Plumbers

When it comes to creating content for plumbers, we have years of experience at the Plumbing webmasters. We have worked with plumbers and plumbing contractors for years,and that experience gives us a competitive edge against your local competition. We analyze your local market, and your competitors websites to find out what keywords work best for your service areas. This allows us to create comprehensive plumbing company content that appeals to search engines such as google, Bing and Yahoo, but also appeals to your potential clients.

content creation for plumbing companies

Creating plumber SEO content is much more complex than simply putting words on a website.


Creating content yourself can be difficult, and even risky. If the search engines determine your content is spammy or if they notice your content is coded incorrectly, you could be banned from search engine results entirely. You can trust the professionals at the Plumbing Webmasters to create unique content that won’t damage your URL’s reputation. We use information from you about your plumbing company values and services, along with our extensive knowledge about plumber internet marketing to create an all-inclusive content marketing plan for not only your website, but also your entire web presence.

Content to Build Authority & Rankings for Plumbers

For the best content marketing for plumbers, it is essential that the content on your website builds authority and encourages your readers to continue reading. Your rankings are affected by how long internet users stay on your pages, and by how authoritative your content is. REsearch shows that many online shoppers will read every piece of information on your site, IF it is something worth reading. When it comes to plumbing services, the same is true. Both your potential clients and Google are reading your site, looking to see if the information you provide is accurate and compelling. If your information is not accurate, or if Google sees that clients tend to bounce away from your pages rather quickly, this will affect your ranking. That is why it is essential that you hire a professional plumber SEO company to manage your content marketing.

At the Plumbing Webmasters, we utilize a team of highly trained SEO writers that are dedicated to writing top quality content. Keywords obviously play a role in content marketing, but aside from that, authority is another huge ranking factor. When you choose our webmasters to create your site, we write content designed to build that authority on your website. As a local plumber, you are an authority on what you do, and we write content to reflect that. How do we build authority for plumbers? The answer is simple. We write content that is accurate and specific from page to page. For example, if a page is titled, ‘Emergency Plumbing Services,’ that page will only have information regarding your emergency plumbing services. Additionally, we manage backlinks and internal links for you, which are other forms of content that add authority to your plumbing company website.

Writing for Different Types of Keyword Searches

Earlier we briefly mentioned using keywords when creating the optimal content marketing for plumbing websites. Now, we’ll go into some more detail. At the Plumbing Webmasters, we have a professional team of plumber SEO writers and coders that work diligently to optimize your website online. This includes thorough keyword research of not only your plumbing, but also of your local market, and your top competitors. These can be simple, single keywords, or they can be longer keyword terms. The way we write your content will depend on the plumbing company keywords and keyword terms in question. We do not participate in keyword stuffing. This practice is spammy, off-putting to potential clients, and penalized by search engines. Instead, we develop an unique and researched content marketing strategy for plumber SEO that will appeal to potential clients and search engines.

What does this mean? It means that we look past the keyword itself, and analyze different uses of the keywords in terms of how your target demographic speaks, and how they search online. This method is designed to appeal to a greater audience and attract more potential clients in your area. In order to get the most out of your content marketing for plumbers strategy, we implement every tool at our disposal. Unlike other companies, we optimize for more than a handful of keywords, we do our best to help you optimize for every keyword in your market, including niche areas. Our team of plumbing company content writers is incredibly skilled at writing for different types of keyword searches, and with the Plumbing Webmasters, your website will show up in the top of organic search results.

 RPlumbing company content marketing strategyeady To Take Your Content Marketing For Plumbers To The Next Level?

Stop struggling to show up in organic search results online. Your competitors are already using this tactic, and they are reaping the benefits. Proper SEO with long term results can take time to generate. If you want to start seeing results, you need to get serious about your plumbing company website content marketing as soon as possible. Give the Plumbing Webmasters a call at 877.388.9884 to start investing in your business, now!