Content Marketing for Plumbers

What is Plumber Content Marketing?

Plumber Content Marketing

Content Includes Text, Images, Video, Links, and More!

Plumber content marketing is the formation, publishing, and dissemination of content to a target audience with the intention of generating relevant traffic and subsequently; plumbing leads. The practice most commonly refers to online content distributed through digital channels such as social media, blogs, and website pages. Successful deployment of content marketing earns trust for your business, develops its brand, and extends its visibility. Plumbing Webmasters offers its application as part of our basic marketing plan, which includes your choice between a month to month (MTM) or pay per lead (PPL) payment plan. Marketing content refers to more than just website text, and includes each of the following::

  • Images
  • Links
  • Graphs
  • Words

With our basic plan, plumbers not only receive content marketing services, but a discipline that closely parallels it; search engine optimization. We incorporate SEO in to our content strategy to equip each of your digital entities with traffic inducing material. Plumbing Webmasters serves to generate leads for plumbing companies and increase conversion rates. One of the most effective and cost efficient ways to accomplish this is marketing services through search engine optimized web content. Google is the foremost search engine on the planet, and the source of most plumbing leads in the modern era. Google aims to foster a positive experience for its users and favors online presences that facilitate that process. To sign up for MTM or PPL services, call Plumbing Webmasters at (877) 388-9884.

Producing Content For Plumbing Websites

Your website is a digital representation of your company. Just as a physical building’s look and appeal informs a consumer’s opinion, so do the characteristics of a website. Clients view your homepage as a map of your site in its entirety. A homepage is typically longer and more important than other pages and therefore requires more resources. What makes an effective homepage for plumbers? Search engines consider several factors when crawling and indexing a page. Some of them include:

  • Quality Content: Engaging, informative, and helpful content
  • Relevant Links: Internal, external, and inbound links to and from authority websites as well as internal pages
  • Structured Data: Application of within website code
  • URL Consistency: Concise and organized URLs with a clear and defined hierarchy

Though other pages won’t be as long or as in-depth as a homepage, the same qualities are ideal. Advancements in web design have increased opportunity for website enhancement. Live social media feeds of Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram posts can now be embedded within a page’s HTML code and display prominently on the page’s header, footer, or sidebar. As an add on service, Plumbing Webmasters offers Righteous Reviews, which is a page enhancement widget that presents an aggregate rating of your company’s reviews from Facebook, Google, and other platforms, and encourages visitors who have not yet left a review, to do so. Content should display optimally on mobile devices, a feat that can be facilitated through the implementation of responsive web design. Plumbing Webmasters is a perfect option for contractors looking for industry-specific content marketing services.

Content Distribution Channels For Plumbers

Writers Perform Content Marketing for Plumbers

Search Engines Value User-Friendly Plumbing Content

As important as a primary website is, it does not embody a plumbing company’s entire online presence. An evolving internet has afforded plumbers a multitude of content distribution channels in which marketing can be effectively applied. Plumbing Webmasters is uniquely qualified to produce content for these channels, as we focus specifically on your industry and have years of experience and data to support our decisions. Crafting high quality content, which creates an optimal web experience for prospective customers, appeals intuitively to search engines, whose object is to fulfill their user’s needs. Examples of content distribution channels include:

  • Blog Posts
  • On Page Copy
  • Service Pages
  • Social Posts

Running a service company full time leaves little to no time to produce engaging and informative web content. As part of our MTM or PPL plan, you’ll receive content marketing services in addition to SEO, website design, and NAP citations. Our professional content team fills each web page with material crafted specifically for your website. We work closely with clients to plan and execute a strategy that adheres to their business identity. Plumbing Webmasters never goes rogue by taking liberties on behalf of your brand, but instead keeps clients informed and updated on our strategy, and execution, each step of the way. Our years of experience marketing on behalf of plumbers gives us a unique perspective not present with most marketers.

Content and SEO for Plumbers

Successful marketing leads to a call to action (CTA). In online marketing, a CTA refers to an action completed by an internet user and can include everything from a clickable phone number link, to an email subscription button. To create enough traffic to complete CTA”s, sites must deploy search engine optimization within their content. In addition to other factors, like inbound link quality, on page indicators influence a page’s ranking on Google search results. Search engines consider key performance indicators like; time spent on page, bounce rate, click through rate, etc. Research shows that long form content, accessorized with images, video, and other engaging visual elements appeals most effectively to users. Pages optimized for search, introduce the following:

  • Content Relevance
  • Keyword Research / Placement
  • Link Building
  • User Engagement

At Plumbing Webmasters, we utilize content marketers who are trained in SEO to craft engaging and informative content for your pages. Though SEO was once synonymous with keyword research and placement, verbatim terms are no longer the driving force of optimization. Google’s algorithmic evolution has increased the value of authority and relevance, based more predominately on user intent. Local plumbers can establish these qualities through content marketing and search engine optimization from Plumbing Webmasters. Producing high quality content, consistently, encourages inbound link formation — a driving force in search rankings. Each individual page is optimized for its own topic. For example, a page for “Emergency Plumbing Services” would aim to attract consumers in need of emergency plumbing while a page for “Residential Plumbing Services” would target a broader consumer base. SEO is included in our basic MTM and PPL marketing plans.

Plumbing Keywords and Content Marketing

Writers Review Plumber Content Relevance

Effective Content Avoids Keyword Stuffing Manipulation

Keywords are not what they once were, but are still important to plumbing websites. Google’s algorithm is smarter than ever before, but still needs terms and phrases to instruct its interpretation of a page’s topic and intended use. Plumbing Webmasters is progressive in our keyword research and implementation strategies. We value user intent, with knowledge of its ascendance as the most important aspect of search, but also incorporate terms and phrases where necessary to help web crawlers properly index page’s in their most appropriate fashion. For plumbers unfamiliar with keywords, they refer to a commonly searched term or phrase on Google and other search engines. Singular words like plumber have the highest volume but are hardest to rank for, while long tail keywords like affordable plumbing services in city, state, have lower volume but greater opportunity. Keyword considerations include:

  • Competition: How keywords rank for competitor websites
  • Opportunity: How likely your website is to rank for a given term
  • Prominence: The volume of searches for a given term or phrase
  • Relevance: How appropriate the term or phrase is within the context of your page

In 2018, intent takes precedence over verbatim text. The goal of keyword placement is to attract relevant traffic, so any words that fail to meet that criteria should be eliminated from content. Knowledge of your target audience — their characteristics and tendencies, helps facilitate effective keyword research. For plumbing companies, in particular, you are looking for  “buyer intent” keywords, since the object of your website is to generate leads. Consumers searching for “affordable plumber near me” intend to spend money on services, whereas users searching for “how to fix a faucet” are looking for DIY instructions, and have no plans to spend money. Plumbing Webmasters puts our clients in the best position to succeed by attracting relevant traffic with a high probability of conversion.

 Ready To Take Your Content Marketing The Next Level?

Throughout this page we’ve detailed the ins and outs of content marketing for plumbers. If you are looking to take your internet presence to a new level in 2018, Plumbing Webmasters is an excellent match. As a company that covers the full spectrum of internet marketing, we offer plans that help plumbers appeal to their target audience. Your choice of payment plans between MTM and PPL grants you access to content marketing and SEO services. Add on services provide further benefits, such as the Righteous Reviews website integration widget, as well as PPC management. Call (877) 388-9884 to sign up today.