Make a Plan: A Guide for Launching a New Plumbing Service

You’ve put your seasoned plumbers through rigorous training. You’ve prepared the necessary certifications and supply chains. Now there’s just the matter of spreading the word about your brand new plumbing service! How can you harness the power of your company website, social media presence, and[Read the Full Article]

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3 Reasons Your Plumbing Website is Sandboxed

The Google Sandbox is an old school SEO term that refers to either an algorithmic penalty or the confinement and suppression of a search result for violation of Google’s guidelines. Despite some disagreement over whether a sandbox ever existed many believe their websites continue to[Read the Full Article]

Posted: | Updated: Apr 4, 2019 | Categories: Podcast

AdWords for Plumbers (Google Ads) Best Practices

Google AdWords (now Google Ads) can be highly effective for plumbers. Creating a successful ad starts with following Google’s criteria for advertisements as well as targeting the correct keywords and demographics. Not all ads are the same on Google. Some have sitelink extensions and calls[Read the Full Article]

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Web Geek Cocky

As a plumbing contractor you like to keep your business fairly simple. When a homeowner has a problem with their plumbing system you explain to them what their options are and how much it will cost them. Web marketing agencies are not as humble. The[Read the Full Article]

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How To Start a Plumbing Company

Today’s podcast episode discusses how to start a successful plumbing company. Plumbing Webmasters is a digital marketing agency so our advice will heavily favor marketing strategies. We will not delve into the specifics of legally starting a business including the necessary tax considerations. Depending on[Read the Full Article]

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Plumbing Keywords, Which Terms Should You Target?

Check out our top 50 plumbing keywords for primary targets. Today’s episode will discuss how lower volume keywords can still yield significant ROI while straightening the overall health of your website and supplementing your top keywords. Many plumbers question whether pages for services like hose[Read the Full Article]

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15 Plumber Advertising Ideas for 2019

1) Facebook Pixel Tracking Americans spend more time on Facebook than they do eating. It is estimated that most U.S. residents check Facebook 15 times per day on average. Facebook pixel tracking allows your website to advertise to users who’ve already visited your site as[Read the Full Article]

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3 Things Clients Can Do Better Than Us

We are the top digital marketing agency for plumbers but even in our case, there are certain things clients can do better than us for internet promotion. One of those things is review generation. We can provide the tools to make reviews convenient for your[Read the Full Article]

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Plumbing PPC Marketing That Gets Results

In today’s plumbing industry, the competition is steep. Business owners are always looking for new plumbing marketing and advertising outlets, yet few plumbing companies utilize pay per click advertising. However, plumber PPC advertising can be a very effective and relatively inexpensive method of growing your[Read the Full Article]