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Social Media Advertising for Plumbers – 3 Essentials for Business

Picture of Facebook Recommendation

If you’ve ever closed your feed, deleted an app, and sworn off social media before, you know just how time consuming the marketing channel can be. Every day, countless Americans spend hours of their life pining away at photos of friends and loved ones. What we often forget, is how often social media helps us find the goods and services we need most.

While most consumers rely on Google for their day to day search, others use Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube to explore their plumbing options.

Today, we’ll be examining three of the top social media advertising platforms, and how to harness them on a budget. Each offers sophisticated marketing solutions for connecting with qualified prospects in your area, for a price. If you’ve never dipped your toe into this particular social pond, be sure to take notes! You may just discover your next supplementary source of revenue.

Before You Advertise on Social…

Commit to taking baby steps every week. Social media advertising can be an intimidating proposition, especially if you’ve never had any experience with PPC campaign management. Tackle one platform, one tool, one service at a time! Not only does this make social media more manageable, it also allows you to better trace lead generation more accurately.

Helpful Tips on Social Media

  • Set a maximum budget ahead of time.
  • Explore all your free options in each platform.
  • Keep your contact information consistent, especially addresses.
  • Practice creating multiple campaigns before you launch one.

The odds of striking gold and “going viral” on social media may be small (especially for a plumbing business), but there’s so much practical value in taking full advantage of free exposure. For instance, a company profile offers another outlet for consumers to ask questions about your services, request quotes, and even call. Don’t expect Facebook to replace your website anytime soon, but it just might offer the sort of personal interaction that people need to try your business for the first time.

Advertising Through Facebook

Plumbing Video Upload Good for Facebook Social Media AdvertisingSpeaking of Facebook, our first platform features an outstanding collection of over two billion active user accounts. While the social media staple has surely matured over the last few years, there are still thousands of people in your community spending time on Facebook every day. That means plenty of opportunity to get your plumbing company brand in front of the right eyes!

So many plumbers make the mistake of only trying Google Ads in their PPC strategy, when Facebook offers an equally (if not more) affordable marketing platform. Through the Facebook Ads management system, plumbers select the desired geographic area, target audience, and viewing window for their specific needs. This makes it much easier to maximize return on advertising spend and minimize bad leads.

If you’ve struggled with low conversion problems in your current ad strategy, you realize just how crucial eliminating bad leads is to your bottom line!

Advertising Your Most Popular Content

On a side note, Facebook also proffers solutions for reinvigorating your content marketing campaigns. If you have a popular video series or how-to guide that you’d like to milk for even more leads, try “boosting” them for a very reasonable cost. You don’t get as much control over who sees your posts, but the exposure might be worth the investment.

Just don’t get carried away. Focus on assets that deliver real leads to your company phone, not likes to your Facebook Business page. Likes may feel great, but they don’t pay the bills.

Advertising in Instagram

Uploaded Pictures for Instagram Social Media AdvertisingHave an unusually photogenic plumbing team? It might be time to start posting those happy smiles to Instagram! The sibling platform to Facebook may cater to younger demographics, but that user base is aging into home ownership. Instagram advertising offers a distinctively visual medium for showcasing your services and staff.

If you’re looking to advertise with purpose, lay the groundwork by collecting an extensive variety of quality service photos, staff shots, and family pictures. This will give you a stronger assortment of images to choose from when you make your ads. You may also capture some short videos of repair jobs or plumbing products for Instagram Stories. Professional grade footage isn’t mandatory; an iPhone or Android device should be enough to acquire the video you need.

Getting Started on IG

Thankfully, Instagram’s ties to Facebook mean you have many of the same sophisticated consumer targeting tools. Pick your audience and location, and start testing ads! Don’t put all your money into the first campaign. It’s going to take several tries before you find a style that clicks with your audience.

Once you’ve developed a complete company profile on Instagram, be sure to send some of that visual love towards your website! High-grade, original photos make a big difference in organic SEO for plumbing. Both Google and your users appreciate the effort, and you might as well get extra credit for all your hard work! Plus, nice looking photos are their own reward.

YouTube: Video Ad Heaven

One of the most explosively successful platforms in the last decade, YouTube offers billions of hours of content in a convenient user experience. The YouTube Advertising experience is just as lucrative, offering a variety of means for connecting with your target audience (be they residential or commercial). Your audience won’t demand professional level footage either!

Examples of Plumbing Commercials

Advertising Options on YouTube

Most video ads range between 6 and 30 seconds, and come before the viewers desired content. That’s plenty of time to show off your brand, explain a promotional event, or even fix a leaky pipe. You can also create full length videos and pay to have them promoted on viewers video queues. How-to guides are perfect for this style of YouTube ad.

Just make sure that all your videos link back to your website. Better yet, create unique landing pages for the services most related to your videos.

Parting Thoughts on Ads

Experiment. Experiment some more. Then, experiment again. Finding the ideal platform and social media advertising style is going to take time. Keep taking those baby steps towards your lead generation goal, and protect your budget against splurging.

Remember, social media marketing is supplement for SEO. It’s not a replacement.

If you’d like professional help with your plumbing social media advertising, our team at Plumbing Webmasters is here to serve you! We provide budgeted campaign management for both Facebook and Instagram advertising platforms. To learn more about our services, contact our team today at (877) 388-9884!

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3 Ways to Leverage Your Facebook Business Page

At Plumbing Webmasters, we work with numerous plumbing contractors across the country as they work to streamline their social media marketing efforts. Time and time again, we see that familiar light bulb go off as they realize the power that social media platforms (particularly Facebook) offers for their plumbing SEO and advertising efforts. Because of the enormous marketing power that the tech giant offers professionals around the US, our team developed a handy guide for getting more out of your Facebook business page!

Keep in mind, these tips may work for other social media platforms too. If you read along and think “Hey, this could work for my Twitter Account!”, go for it.

Pro Tip #1: Share (and Re-Share) Content

Nothing adds fresh life to your website like rich visual media and informative guides. Google loves this type of content! With thorough plumbing SEO and proper formatting, your content may earn a spot of the top of consumer SERP results as a featured snippet

Then again, there’s only so much real estate in your plumbing company website. Sometimes there’s simply no room for that high-quality video of a recent project. Your Facebook business page offers a perfect place to showcase your most attractive work that (for whatever reason) can’t be posted to your blog or gallery.

Plumbing Contractors Leave a Post on Their Facebook Business Page

Have a Great Guide You’d Like to Share With Potential Customers? Share it on Your Facebook Business Page!

Unless your company blog already has a substantial following, content rarely travels beyond the page. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t offer valuable results! Much of Google’s ongoing website evaluations depend upon a steady stream of new content. Facebook offers an environment much more conducive to sharing your best materials. That includes both organic sharing and paid advertising.

A New Content Lifecycle

The plumbing industry rarely experiences dramatic change, at least on a year to year basis. That means that practical guide or homeowner savings blog you wrote last year (or even two years ago) still offers great value for your clients! It simply needs updates. One of our favorite tricks at the Plumbing Webmasters is taking outstanding, but aged content and refurbishing it. For instance, we grabbed an older guide, updated the content, added invigorating visuals, and re-released one of our favorite plumber SEO guides (Your 2019 Plumbing Content Strategy).

So how can your business take advantage of this convenient trick?

Recycling Old Content on Facebook

  1. Step #1: Take any well-performing content from previous years.
  2. Step #2: Review the material and make updates for the current year/audience.
  3. Step #3: Add fresh keyword optimization. Target hot questions from People Also Ask.
  4. Step #4: Infuse fresh visuals, including diagrams, photos, and/or infographics.
  5. Step #5: Re-post on your company blog page.
  6. Step #6: Take the new version and post it to Facebook (minus any internal site links).

Pro Tip #2: Build Your Brand

A Plumbing Company's Facebook Review Page

Nothing Creates Trust Faster Than Open Accountability! Keep Asking for Those Google and Facebook Reviews.

Think of your Facebook business page as the younger brother to your company website. No only does it offer your customers valuable information about your operating times, reviews, etc., it also provides you with opportunities to enhance your brand image! The three most essential qualities you can convey about your business are expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness. Also known as the E-A-T factors, these traits promote deeper interest with prospective clients and higher rankings on Google SERPs. 

E-A-T Up!

So how can plumbing contractors use their Facebook business page to create stronger relationships? Look for activities that naturally develop your E-A-T factors! Below, we identify ways to develop your Facebook profile in a way that emphasizes these qualities.


Qualifying Expertise

A Company Directly Links Their Website to Their Facebook Business Page

This Particular Company Uses a Website Portal to Showcase Their State Plumbing License.

Does your plumbing company offer the necessary credentials and experience to warrant a higher ranking on Google SERPs? That’s the question that the search engine tries to answer every time it evaluates content from your website. After all, directing people to an un-certified professional would reflect poorly on Google’s listing capabilities. That’s why plumbing contractors must properly showcase their…

  • State License(s) and/or Certification(s)
  • Brand Certifications
  • Training Certifications
  • Related Association Membership Badges
  • Years of Experience

All of these website elements show that the company and employed individuals offer the necessary expertise to provide quality service. Your Facebook business page deserves the same treatment. After all, some homeowners shop exclusively through Facebook. Be sure that your certifications and licenses are featured prominently on your Facebook homepage (or under a “Licenses” page). Likewise, anyone creating blog posts or having content posted under their name should also have their credentials visible at the top or the bottom of the page in a brief bio.


Displaying Authority

This Bio Shows Clear Expertise and Authority. Source: PM Mag

Who would you trust more: a master plumber with 20 years experience or a hobbyist with no certifications? Expertise focuses explicitly on the qualifications of a business and employees. According to Google’s Search Quality Evaluator Guidelines, authoritativeness examines the website as a whole, the content within, and the authority of the plumbing contractors.

Questions Google Might Ask

  • Does the website incorporate professional design with competent navigation?
  • Does the content link to authoritative industry sources?
  • Does the site review and refine content on a regular basis?
  • How often does the site produce new content?
  • What are the content developer’s qualifications on the subject?
  • How many other sites link back to material in this website?

If your business has already been around for years, odds are you and your employees already have significant industry knowledge that’s worth sharing. Share your professional insights (or have a content writer ghost-write them for you) in a simple guide. Just make sure you proudly share your credentials in certification form or in a bio (as in the example above). Authoritative content shared by an experienced industry authority: that makes for good plumber SEO and great shareability!


Earning Trust

Trustworthiness offers a bit of a conundrum. On one hand, you can easily spell out the various activities and qualities necessary to earn trust. On the other, building rapport with followers and customers takes genuine effort and (often) a lot of time. The fastest way to prove your company’s trustworthiness is to let your happy customers lay the groundwork!

Examples of Great Reviews on a Facebook Business Page

Most People Trust Online Reviews as Much as a Recommendation from a Friend or Family Member.

Of course, you’ll have to ask for reviews to receive them! If you haven’t already, try creating a special “Please Review Us!” card (or text program) that your professionals can distribute to customers after a job. Facebook page is the perfect place for reviews for many reasons.

Why Facebook Business Reviews are Awesome

  • They’re prominently featured across each page.
  • Customers tend to speak more informally.
  • Your business can easily write back to customers to thank them.
  • Facebook reviews can be easily seen by Google too, affecting trust ratings.

While it may be tempting, never erase negative reviews unless they contain inappropriate or hateful speech. Show a clear, thoughtful attempt to address any unhappy client posting in the reviews. An unhappy review here and there actually creates a sense of credibility that you wouldn’t have with only 5-star ratings.

Pro Tip #3: Generate Additional Leads

With over two billion active users on Facebook, no other social media platform offers such fantastic opportunity for developing leads away from your website. As we mentioned before, your Facebook business page provides a capable second outlet for connecting with potential clients. To support plumbing contractors and professionals in other industries, the social media giant provides incredibly sophisticated analytical tools too! Perhaps the most important tool is Facebook Insights.

What sort of information do you have at your disposal?

A List of Data Elements Businesses Can Glean From Facebook Insights

Examine the Demographics and Behavior Patterns Behind Your Target Market! Source: Buffer

Think of this analytical tool as a report card for your Facebook business page, but one that offers infinitely more detail. Your social media marketing team can easily track performance, outreach, and engagement with your target community. The platform also makes it easy to take your most popular posts and turn them into paid advertisements via the “Boost Post” feature. Do you have a particular video or guide that people just go crazy for? Try turning that content into an ad and target your geographical area.

Speaking of targeting, a huge percentage of wasted ad budget can be traced back to campaign / target mismatch. You have the right promotional message but the wrong audience. With Facebook’s ability to deliver pinpoint targeting (demographic, monetary, industry, etc.), you can rest assured that your advertising shows up in front of the eyes you want to see it. Now you can reach new markets you’ve been dying to test.

To learn more about Insights and other invaluable tools, check out the Facebook Business page!

Plumbing Webmasters & Social Media Marketing

Feel like your team has neither the time nor the energy to successfully manage a Facebook business page? Our team at Plumbing Webmasters would love to help! Our social media marketing team specializes in building long-term engagement and optimizing your page for search. We also target those essential E-A-T factors (expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness) to expand your business online. Clients regularly experience faster lead development, increased ROI on ad spend, and superior plumber SEO development.

Call (877) 388-9884 for Your Facebook Business Page!

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