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102 Plumbing Blog Topic Ideas To Spark Content in 2024

Blog Cover for 102 Plumbing Blog Topics

Before the emergence of ChatGPT, brainstorming blog topics for your plumbing website was a challenge. Today, AI and large language models can produce thousands of potential blog topics in mere seconds.

Unfortunately, haphazardly publishing posts based on these AI-generated topics can harm your website’s rankings on Google.

Nolen Walker, Owner of Plumbing Webmasters

Nolen’s Key Takeaway

When I first started Plumbing Webmasters back in 2014, blog posts would rank easily on Google. Today, in 2024, blogging is largely an obsolete SEO tactic.

Plumbing Webmasters performs content writing services for hundreds of plumbers nationwide. With a decade-plus worth of keyword research data, we can provide a trustworthy list of blog topics that can generate traffic on Google. However, we strongly urge you to consider other SEO tactics instead.

Based on our internal agency data, we present 102 plumbing blog topics you can use for your website.

We also include the target keyword volume to indicate the post’s potential reach in hopes of boosting your plumbing content in 2024. You can use these topics for your plumbing company blog to increase traffic, engagement, and rankings, though we strongly recommend utilizing more modern approaches.

Note on Zero-Volume Blog Topics

Although keyword research tools may assign “zero” search volume to a given blog topic, it does not mean that a blog post targeting the query won’t receive any traffic.

In fact, blog topics targeting zero-volume search queries often attract significant traffic from search engines, especially if they provide a unique perspective on a topic that is not currently available on other websites.

Check Out These Plumbing Blog Topics

Blog TopicKeyword Volume
how to fix a leaky faucet8,100
what does a gas leak smell like5,400
how to use a plunger4,049
how to use a bath bomb2,327
how to find water shut off valve outside2,024
how to fix a toilet that won’t flush1,300
how often does a septic tank need to be pumped880
how to winterise a sprinkler system720
how to fix an overflowing toilet720
how to fix water hammer720
how to clean a showerhead with vinegar598
how to get a toilet unclogged590
how to replace toilet shut off valve480
can i pour oil down the drain480
how to clean your shower head470
what to do when toilet overflows390
is a slab leak covered by insurance390
what to do when toilet overflows346
slab leak repair options322
what is hydro jetting320
why is my water shut off210
how to fix a clogged bathtub210
how to change a hose bib210
is epsom salt safe for drains111
how to diagnose plumbing problems102
flushing toilet when shower is on102
make garbage disposal smell better102
how long does it take to repipe a house90
benefits of baths vs showers82
how to keep outdoor pipes from freezing73
removing grease from sewer line73
water heater maintenance72
water conservation tips69
bathroom remodeling tips66
can banana peels go in garbage disposal64
radiant floor heating63
frozen pipes prevention63
septic system care61
water filtration systems58
sink faucet replacement57
kitchen sink choices57
modern bathroom designs56
hot tub installation53
toilet troubleshooting52
dealing with hard water50
basement bathroom installation49
garbage disposal maintenance48
clogged drain remedies44
water pressure problems44
rainwater harvesting systems42
greywater systems for homes37
what is considered a plumbing emergency30
trenchless sewer repair30
copper vs. pvc piping25
plumbing safety tips23
signs of plumbing problems23
whole house repiping22
plumbing inspection checklist19
outdoor kitchen plumbing13
laundry room plumbing11
plumbing for beginners11
DIY kitchen plumbing0
diy plumbing repairs0
emergency plumbing solutions0
high-efficiency plumbing fixtures0
innovative plumbing products0
leak detection techniques0
plumbing code basics0
plumbing for tiny homes0
plumbing maintenance schedule0
shower installation guide0
sump pump basics0
underfloor heating options0
fixing low water pressure0
water softener advice0
budget bathroom updates0
plumbing tools for homeowners0
saving water in the home0
winter plumbing preparation0

How Long Should My Blog Posts Be?

The highest-ranking blog posts typically range from 1,000 to 2,000 words in length. However, Google has publicly stated that word count is not a ranking factor. Furthermore, Google values user experience, and most users want to see an answer immediately after clicking on the search result.

With this in mind, make sure to include a “key takeaway” or “summary” section near the top of your post so that you can provide a concise answer to the fundamental question of the post’s topic.

Example of "Key Takeaway" in Plumbing Blog Post

Where Should I Link My Blog Posts?

Link to the most relevant service page based on the topic. For example, link to your slab leak repair service page if you are writing a post about slab leak symptoms. This way, you move blog readers through a funnel to becoming a plumbing client.

Example of Internal Link on Blog Post

How Frequently Should I Publish Blog Posts?

Publishing frequency is irrelevant. The goal of blog posts is to increase organic traffic from Google and serve as social media and email marketing content. Therefore, there’s no set number of posts you should publish per week or month. Instead, try to rank for as many relevant keywords as possible.

Screenshot of Plumbing Blog Post

Final Thoughts on Plumbing Blog Topics

In its traditional sense, blogging is no longer an effective promotional technique for plumbers. Nobody is going to bookmark your plumbing company blog and check out every newly published post.

However, with the right blog topics, posts can still contribute to topical authority. The key is publishing optimized posts that target a specific keyword and topic.

These posts can rank on Google search results and bring in organic traffic.