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Plumbing Instagram Ads Guide for Contractors

Instagram Ads for Plumbers

What are Instagram Ads for Plumbers?

Plumbing Instagram ads are promotional posts, stories, or reels that highlight a plumbing company’s brand or services. An IG ad resembles a standard post but showcases a “sponsored” label to inform users of its purpose. Instagram Ads often feature a call-to-action (CTA) for conversions.

Plumbing Instagram Ads Cost

The cost of Instagram ads varies, but $1.25 is a standard cost per click (CPC). Variables include format, placement, location, season, and target demographics. As an advertiser, you control your total cost with daily budgets, bid strategies, and spending limits.

Instagram Ad Types for Plumbing Contractors

Your ideal ad type varies by your goals and overarching Instagram marketing strategy. Plumbing companies must consider each format’s objectives and invest in content that converts at the highest rate. Instagram’s built-in analytics tool, Insights, helps plumbers track ad progress and make data-driven adjustments. Ongoing focus on your Instagram ads is critical to sustainable success.

Plumbing Instagram Ad

For many plumbers, photo ads convert well. With strategic targeting, consumers needing plumbing services in your area will respond to the photo ads. For more ambitious campaigns, Stories ads tend to work best.

IG Photos

Instagram started as a social media platform for photos, and it remains an integral part of its presentation. Photo advertisements empower plumbers to highlight services through visual images. Just like with a plumbing website, unique photos of your team, truck, and equipment convert best. 

IG Stories

Stories ads appear to users in the time between watching one Story and the next. Compelling Stories ads resemble a standard IG Story to reach users on a psychological level. Plumbers can utilize all regular IG Story features, including text overlays, filters, and effects.


Carousel advertisements feature multiple images or videos, exposing users to a series of plumbing services with unique calls to action for each. Alternatively, plumbers can showcase a single service or brand with up to ten photos. Sometimes, a high volume of visuals encourages users to buy.

The Instagram Advertising Process

Plumbing contractors can advertise on Instagram through Facebook Ads Manager or directly from the IG App. To advertise on the app, you’ll need a business or creator account. In either case, linking your IG Ads to your Facebook account is ideal.

If you know anything about plumbing Facebook ads, you know that Ads Manager is a very advanced tool. For companies looking for the most detailed ads, Facebook Ads Manager works best.

Choosing an Objective

Pull up Facebook Ads Manager and choose Create. By default, the tool assigns you Guided Creation. You can switch to Quick Creation if you require more precise control. From the Guided Creation screen, you then choose an objective. Most plumbers should select one of the following:

  • Brand Awareness
  • Conversions
  • Engagement
  • Lead-Gen
  • Messages
  • Reach
  • Traffic
  • Video Views

Next, you rename your campaign from its default. It’s best to label each campaign specifically with a name like¬†Cowtown Plumbing Web Traffic.

Targeting an Audience

Reaching the right customers helps maintain a positive ROI. As a subsidiary of Facebook, Instagram allows for in-depth consumer targeting. For example, you may want to target homeowners recently exposed to winter storms. If their pipes burst, they’ll need immediate assistance.

Picking Ad Placements

Facebook Ads Manager gives plumbers the option of automatic and manual placements for Instagram ads. The automatic setting uses AI to determine the most effective arrangements. Conversely, the manual setting gives you the power to choose where you want to show your advertisement. 

Setting a Budget

Daily budgets provide maximum daily spends so plumbers can cap their day-to-day cost. Similarly, lifetime budgets allow contractors to restrict their campaign’s lifetime spending. Facebook Ads Manager projects your ad’s reach so that you can integrate your budget with your marketing goals.

Instagram Ad Creative

Your ad’s creativity remains essential to positive results. Once you’ve set the stage with objectives, audiences, placements, and budgets, you must create your advertisement.

Instagram Video Ad for Plumber

Plumbing companies can choose their visual content (video or image) and then produce the copywriting for the ad. Next, you will select your payment method, review your ad’s final draft and finally confirm it for publishing.

Remember to choose sensible calls-to-action to maximize conversions. Similarly, link to the most relevant landing pages in your CTAs. Becoming an Instagram expert doesn’t happen overnight. Still, with proper guidance, plumbing contractors can maximize their ad spend and earn new clients regularly.

Instagram Marketing for Plumbers

Advertising is the most detailed aspect of Instagram marketing for plumbers but far from the only way to reach new customers or maintain existing ones. Posting images of your work regularly, along with IG Stories of your team on the job, can separate you from competitors.

The more engaged your consumer base is, the more your plumbing company grows in 2023. Link up with HVAC-Plumber SEO Webmasters to learn more about Instagram marketing services for plumbers.

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